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Travel Insurance
useful tips
Annual policy or single trip insurance?
If you plan to travel several times within in a year, an annual multi-trip policy covers all your trips and can be far more cost effective.
Get protection for Travel Inconvenience!
Trip cancellation, trip delays, trip curtailments, flights misconnections… LOSS of baggage!
Cheaper option for Family.
A Family Plan will cover children under 18 or if still schooling. This is a much cheaper option to consider when travelling with family.
Adventure Sports covered?
Take a closer look at your policy to ensure that it covers the sports activities you are planning to enjoy.
The Best Travel Policies in Singapore!
Insurance Market
Quickly compare your options and the features of tens of travel policies and choose the one that meets your needs and circumstances. Both single trip and annual policies.
Insurance Market
Pay attention whether activity sports are covered in your travel policy. Check the policies on our site and get the details of each policy and compare side-by-side.
Any country
Insurance Market
No matter where you go, we will have a policy that will provide you with the coverage you need. Choose from more than 30 plans from 12 insurers!
Annual Policies
Insurance Market
When you travel more than a few weeks a year an annual policy is a better deal, check them out, compare and buy in a few simple steps.
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