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Travel Insurance useful tips
Annual policy or single trip insurance?
If you plan to travel several times within in a year, an annual travel policy covers all your trips and can be far more cost effective.
Get protection for Travel Inconvenience!
Trip cancellation, trip delays, trip curtailments, flights misconnections… LOSS of baggage!
Cheaper option for Family.
A Family travel insurance Plan will cover children under 18 or if still schooling. This is a much cheaper option to consider when travelling with family.
Cheapest travel insurance vs Best travel insurance
Cheapest policy might not have best coverage, choose policy which best suits your needs.
Annual policy or single trip insurance?
If you plan to travel several times within in a year, an annual travel policy covers all your trips and can be far more cost effective.
Get protection for Travel Inconvenience!
Trip cancellation, trip delays, trip curtailments, flights misconnections… LOSS of baggage!
Cheaper option for Family.
A Family travel insurance Plan will cover children under 18 or if still schooling. This is a much cheaper option to consider when travelling with family.
Cheapest travel insurance vs Best travel insurance
Cheapest policy might not have best coverage, choose policy which best suits your needs.
The Best Travel Insurance Policies in Singapore!
Insurance Market
Quickly compare your options and the features of tens of travel insurance policies and choose the one that meets your needs and circumstances. Both single trip and annual travel insurance policies are available.
Insurance Market
Pay attention whether activity sports are covered in your travel insurance policy. Check the policies on our site and get the details of each policy and compare travel insurance policies side-by-side.
Any country
Insurance Market
No matter where you go, we will have a travel insurance policy that will provide you with the coverage you need. Choose from more than 35 plans from 12 insurers!
Annual Policies
Insurance Market
When you travel more than a few weeks a year an annual policy is a better deal, check them out, compare and buy different travel insurance plans in a few simple steps.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does MSIG TravelEasy provide cover for cruise travels?

Yes, TravelEasy covers you for your cruise trip from and return to Singapore. For cruise itinerary with destinations listed, please buy according to the destination within the geographical area. For cruise itinerary to nowhere, i.e. the cruise is not making any stopover at any port/ country, you can purchase the trip under geographical Area A.

What is Travel Insurance and what is covered?

Travel insurance

It helps protect you from risks while you are traveling overseas. All policies offer at least basic levels of cover for medical costs, cancellation and lost, damaged or stolen baggage. However, policies' coverage vary greatly and it’s important to check that you have the right insurance for the kind of traveling you plan to do.

Check the level of cover for the features named above and also consider the following:

  • Emergency assistance
  • Personal liability
  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Legal assistance
  • Travel disruption
  • Holiday curtailment

Generally, the single-trip policy covers you for as long as your trip lasts up to a maximum of 180 days. An annual travel policy covers you an unlimited number of trips for an entire year from the policy start date. Such a policy is worthwhile if you’re a frequent traveler. Do take note that the maximum length of each trip is capped at 90 days.

How to compare travel insurance on Insurance Market ?

Compare Travel Insurance 

Customer can enter few details like whether they want a single trip or annual plan, for individual or family, the travel destination or zone and start and end dates. Insurance Market will provide the customer with a list of best travel insurance plans. We provide coverage rating for each policy. Customer can sort the policy based on price and coverage rating. Customer can then filter policy based on insurer and 'Policy must include' checkbox, he can then select up to 3 policies and compare them. Compare different benefits of each travel insurance along with the price and buy the travel insurance which suits your needs.

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How to get travel insurance quote or travel insurance rates?

Simply enter few details as mention in above answer and press the get quotes button . Insurance Market will show you travel insurance quotes from 12 different insurers .

If I have a child over 18, will (s)he be covered under my family policy?

Generally, any traveller over 18 years old is classified as an adult; if you have a family policy, you will only be able to include children up to the age of 18 years old. Any children over this age limit will need to take up a separate policy. Some insurers, however, allow an age limit up to 25 years old and include your child on the same policy if the traveller is a full-time student.

What are different factors included in Travel Insurance comparison ?

Insurance market do travel insurance comparison based on a lot of factors Like

  • Price
  • Medical Coverage
  • Trip cancellation /delay
  • Loss/damage to Luggage bag

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Which is best travel insurance plan to buy?

Answer to this question depends on what you consider as best. A cheap travel insurance policy might not have the best coverage. At Insurance market, we provide coverage score for each policy which helps customer to see the balance between coverage and price. Thus our definition of best travel insurance is the greatest coverage as the best price.


What's the difference between Single Trip or Annual Travel Insurance?

When you buy travel insurance you can choose from 2 types of policies. Single Trip and Annual Cover.

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for a single trip that originates and ends in Singapore.
  • Annual Travel Insurance covers you for all trips starting and ending in Singapore. Each trip generally should be for less than 180 days.
  • You should consider buying Annual Travel Insurance if you travel frequently (more than 3 to 5 times a year). You will enjoy significant savings, and you won’t have to worry about purchasing travel insurance every single time as you’ll be covered for the entire year.

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Are Family Travel Insurance Plans Cheaper?

Most insurers offer cheaper premium rates if you purchase your Travel Insurance as a Family.

Also, Read article Why Family travel insurance is cheaper than the individual ?

Can I buy Travel Insurance once I’m overseas?

No. Travel insurance has to be purchased before your trip commences. If you buy travel insurance after your trip commences and you try and make a claim, your insurer may not honor your claim.
You should buy your travel insurance after you’ve booked your tickets as travel insurance also protects you from trip cancellation.

How can I find best travel insurance Singapore on your portal ?

To find the best travel insurance in Singapore

follow these 3 steps 

1. Enter a few details like a single trip or annual insurance, for yourself or family, the start date of the travel insurance policy and press Show quotes button. Filter the travel insurance policies based on your needs. The customer can filter based on Insurers and 'Policy must include' list. Look for price and coverage provided by the travel insurance policy.

2. Select the top 3 travel insurance plans you like and do travel insurance comparison in Singapore.

3. Lastly, select the policy which is best travel insurance in Singapore for you and buy it. We provide coverage rating for all the travel insurance policies.


What is good points of Tokio Marine Travel Insurance ?

Tokio Marine travel Insurance

This policy is suitable for frequent golfers (although no coverage for a hole in one!). However, note that this policy covers not more than 90 days for Annual Multi-Trip Policy.


  • Child education grant: Payable upon Accidental death of the insured
  • Adventure Sports Cover: Covers adventure sports activities as specified
  • Alternative Travel Arrangement: Reimburse You for expenses incurred for rebooking of an alternative mode of transport or travel routing


  • Overseas Hospital Allowance (ICU): No Intensive Care Coverage.
Travel insurance plan Tokio Marine TM Xplora Classic Tokio Marine TM Xplora Premier
Price for 1 week (Asia) $36 $46.80
Price for 1 week (Worldwide) $51.60 $66.60
Promotion 40% off single trip or 20% off annual plans
Medical expenses (overseas) $300,000 $500,000
Emergency medical evacuation $500,000 $1,000,000
Personal accident (death & TPD) $200,000 $300,000
Travel delay ($100 every 6 hours) $1,200 $1,200
Trip cancellation $5,000 $10,000
Baggage delay ($200 every 6 hours) $1,200 $1,200
Baggage loss/damage $5,000 $7,500
Adventure activities covered? Yes

Read about the different Tokio Maine Travel Insurance Plans . 


What are the benefits of MSIG travel Insurance plan called as 'MSIG travel easy' ?

 MSIG travel easy

This travel insurance plan comes with good basic coverage including trip postponement. However, note that trip length does not exceed 90 consecutive days (for annual policies). Currently, there is a 20% OFF promotion on annual travel plans which make it very attractive to buy.

Key features

  • Comprehensive cover with over 50 benefits! TravelEasy protects your losses from travel cancellation to flight delays, stolen travel documents, to overseas medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental injuries or onset of sickness*, and follow-up medical treatment after your trip.
  • COVID-19 travel insurance coverage is automatically included for Single Trip plans. For Annual plans, contact MSIG to include COVID-19 Cover for each of your upcoming trips.
  • Partake in as many recreational activities when you travel! MSIG’s travel insurance plan covers for adventurous activities such as sky diving, scuba diving, white-water rafting to winter sports like dog sledding, tobogganing, sledging and ice-skating.
  • Single or annual travel insurance plans are available for individual or family cover

Plan highlights

Replacement of Traveller
Pays for the charges incurred for change of traveller due to you or insured person not being able to travel for the trip as a result of serious injury, illness, death or that of the family members or travel companion 30 days prior to the trip. 

Emergency Medical Evacuation
Getting sufficient emergency medical evacuation coverage under your travel insurance plan is critical. Across all TravelEasy plan types, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation is at a high limit of $1,000,000. 

Insolvency of Licensed Travel Operator
Don’t allow yourself to be stranded when your travel operator goes bankrupt overnight! Our travel insurance provides cover for insolvency of licensed travel agencies registered with the Singapore Tourism Board (includes NATAS registered travel agencies). 

Delayed Departure
MSIG’s travel insurance plan pays for additional administrative and travel expenses incurred to book alternative transport to the same destination should there be delays to the public transport due to strike, riot, civil commotion, poor weather conditions, natural disasters, breakdown of public transport or closure of airport. 

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And List of different MSIG Travel Insurance Plans 

Click here to download the MSIG Travel Insurance brochure 

Which annual travel plans of Hong Leong Travel Insurance do you sell ?

We sell 3 annual Travel Insurance Plans of Hong Leong Travel Insurance which are

1. Travel Protect 360 basic

2. Travel Protect 360 Enhanced

3. Travel Protect 360 Superior

Read more about different Hong Leong Travel Insurance Plans

How to get cheapest travel insurance in Singapore ?

You can buy the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore on our website.

Just enter your details like a single trip or annual trip, individual or family, select the zone, etc and press the show my quotes button. You will see a lot of quotes from different insurers and different plans. Use sort by price button to see the cheapest travel insurance. Insurance Market is giving 5% OFF on top of all the existing discounts so you will get the cheapest travel insurance in Singapore. Currently, Ergo, AXA, and Etiqa travel insurance are among the cheapest travel insurance. Also, compare the coverage before buying the insurance as we also publish the coverage score. To decrease the price of the travel insurance you can choose to select a smaller zone for example for annual travel insurance instead of buying world zone you can just buy it for Asia or ASEAN zone which are which smaller if you do not intend to go outside Asia or Asean. Buy basic plans instead of Deluxe or superior plans if you do not intend to get higher coverage. 

What are main features of Liberty Travel Insurance ?

Liberty Travel Insurance features are 

  1. Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation of Mortal Remains due to Pre-Existing Condition
  2. Double indemnity for road accidents
  3. 24-hour accessibility to our Helpline at (+65) 6636 1131 which provides assistance services worldwide
  4. Liberty China Card-hospital admission deposit waived at designated hospitals in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  5. Compensation for travel/flight misconnection, flight diversion, flight and baggage delays, and additional cost incurred for alternative transport arrangement following cancelation or delay of scheduled transport
  6. Coverage in the event of terrorism, including when nuclear, chemical and/or biological weapons are used

Read more about different plans of  Liberty Travel Insurance 

What are the key benefits of Hong Leong Travel insurance ?

The key benefits of Hong Leong Travel insurance  ( Protect360 ) are

Global Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with Travel Protect360 as it covers you 24-hour worldwide. Get ready for your adventures and know you are covered for any unforeseeable situations.

Comprehensive Coverage

Travel Inconveniences such as Baggage Loss, Flight Delays, Hotel Accommodation or Flight Cancellations are covered for your holiday. Travel Protect360 also covers for unlimited Emergency Medical Evacuation in event of any unfortunate incidents.


At HL Assurance, we aim to provide extraordinary customer service. Rest assured you will be able to enjoy hassle-free online enrolment for instant protection. Also, HL Assurance is fully committed to assist you in times of distress through prompt claims procedures.

Learn about more about Hong Leong Travel Insurance ( Travel Protect360 )


What are the key benefits of Etiqa Travel Insurance (Travel eProtect) ?

The key benefits of Etiqa Travel Insurance (Travel eProtect) are 

  • 24-hour free worldwide support travel support provided by Allianz Global Assitance.
  • Personal accident benefits of 400k
  • Medical and travel benefits including reimbursement of medical expenses incurred overseas, up to 1 million.
  • Convenient family-friendly plans that allow 3-gen protection under one policy

Learn more about Etiqa Travel Insurance (Travel eProtect)

What are the key Features and coverage of Sompo Travel Insurance ?

Sompo Travel Insurance

Features / Coverage

Ticket Cancellation cover – $100 for unutilized paid ticket NEW

Amateur Sports cover – Includes tandem air sports like tandem sky-diving, tandem hang-gliding, tandem para-gliding, indoor rock-climbing (harnessed and man-made wall), snow-skiing and hot-air ballooning NEW

Trekking up to 3,500m above sea level NEW

Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation required due to a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Travel Delay Benefit now covers All Causes of Unexpected Delays that is outside of your control (e.g. airline delay due to operational reason, airport closure)

Go Japan! – Specially tailored plan for travelers to Japan Cashless Services, Free Translation Services over the phone 1ST IN SINGAPORE

Personal Accident – Coverage up to $500,000

Medical Expenses Incurred Overseas – Coverage up to $1,000,000

Financial Collapse of Licensed Tour Operator

Full Terrorism Cover

24/7 Emergency hotline

For full coverage info: TravelJoy Brochure

Learn about different Sompo Travel insurance Plans

What are key features of TIQ Travel Insurance ?

The key features of TIQ Travel Insurance  are 

  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Family-friendly! Grandparents can now travel under our family plan
  • Visitors from overseas can now travel together with a Singapore resident. Learn more
  • Automated flight delay monitoring with instant payout with only 3 hours of consecutive flight delay
  • Super affordable so you can spend less on insurance, more on experiences
  • Hassle-free and easy travel claims process by our award-winning team

What are the key benefits of NTUC Travel Insurance ?

The key benefits of NTUC Travel Insurance are 

  • Protect against common travel inconveniences such as damage to personal belongings, personal accident, medical expenses while overseas and travel delays that are not caused by you.
  • Choose between yearly and single-trip plans for yourself or for your family.
  • Opt for Family cover if you are travelling with your spouse/partner and children.
  • Enjoy greater convenience with cashless visits to our panel GP clinics upon your return to Singapore.
  • Enjoy the convenience of instant confirmation by applying online or calling us.
  • Renew your existing yearly plan to enjoy additional limits on selected benefits.

What are main features of NTUC Travel insurance Enhanced PreX ?

The main features of NTUC Travel insurance Enhanced PreX are 

  • While most travel insurers do not cover pre-existing medical conditions[5], our Enhanced PreX plans provide comprehensive coverage for pre-existing injuries and illnesses that you knew about or sought treatment for before your trip.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions that are covered include asthma, eczema, heart conditions, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

  • Get medical treatment while overseas whenever you need it with coverage for overseas hospitalisation and outpatient expenses[6] due to pre-existing medical conditions[5].

  • With our Superior and Prestige Enhanced PreX plans, we’ll pay for half of your claims, subjected to the benefit limit of your plan, if you have to cancel, postpone, shorten or disrupt your trip due to pre-existing medical conditions[5] (For Enhanced PreX Superior and Prestige plans)[7]

  • In times of emergency, you are also covered for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation (sending you home).

  • You can enjoy the convenience of a yearly plan that provides the same coverage as our single trip plans. Yearly Enhanced PreX plans are available via Income branches and hotline 6788 1222. View our premium rates for Enhanced PreX Yearly plans.

What are the main benefits of Ergo Travel Insurance ?

The main benefits of Ergo Travel Insurance are 

  •  End-to-End

We cover you from before you even leave Singapore and protect you until you return home.

  • Tailored

Whether you would like sports protection or need a rental car while abroad, we have various benefits options to suit you.

  •  Flexible

Unexpectedly need to postpone or cancel your trip? Don’t worry. We’ll reimburse you if your trip is canceled due to specific events, starting up to 60 days before your departure date.

  •  Reliable

Our 24/7 hotline is accessible anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. We can assist you at any point during your trip.

  • Instant Purchase

You can buy ERGO TravelProtect Travel Insurance instantly using our Buy Online tool on this website.

Read to know more about the complete list of Ergo Travel Insurance plans 


What are key benefits of AIG Travel Insurance ?

The key benefits of AIG Travel Insurance are 

1. Unlimited emergency medical evacuation: Feel secure knowing you are covered for unlimited evacuation expenses in case of a medical emergency.

2. Enhanced one-way single-trip plan: Get covered for your personal belongings and travel delay even if you are traveling one-way from Singapore.

3. 24/7 in-house global assistance and emergency internet use: AIG is the only travel insurer in Singapore with our own global assistance service centers in eight locations worldwide. You can get reimbursed for up to S$500 for any internet charges incurred by you to contact our emergency assistance hotline.

4. Cover for leisure sports: From skiing to tandem skydiving, enjoy amateur leisure activities without worries. Our Enhanced and Supreme plans also cover lost sporting equipment.

5. Reliable and responsive claims: We pay an average of S$30,000 in travel claims every working day. File online or call our claims hotline – our experts are ready to assist you.

6. Option for cruise vacation benefits: Covers for cancellations or interruptions to your cruise holiday due to covered conditions. Only applicable for selected plans. 

Read about the different AIG travel Insurance plans 

What are the key benefits of AXA Travel Insurance (AXA Smart Traveller) ?

The Key Features of AXA Travel Insurance (AXA Smart Traveller) are 

  • High Medical Coverage

            Up to S$600,000 whilst overseas and up to S$60,000 post-trip

  • 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance

          Call our emergency hotline at +65 6322 2566

  • Travel Inconvenience

           Up to S$20,000 reimbursement for trip curtailment or S$12,000 for trip cancellation

  • Personal Belongings Reimbursement

            Covers up to S$10,000 for lost or damaged belongings

  • Full Terrorism Cover

          Covers losses arising from use of nuclear, chemical and biological substances

  • Personal Accident Cover

           Up to S$700,000 coverage which begins 3 hours before your trip departure

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

            Unlimited coverage for evacuation, including transportation expenses and medical services

       Click to download a list of full benefits of AXA Travel Insurance 

What are current promotions for Hong Leong travel insurance ?

The current promotions for  Hong Leong travel insurance  are 

For Single Trip:  60% Discount + Travel Discounts ( $20 Hotel Booking Voucher and $10 Attractions Voucher )

For Annual Trip: 50% Discount + Travel Discounts( $20 Hotel Booking Voucher, Car rental discount and $10 Attractions Voucher )

What are different MSIG Travel Insurance Plans available and what are the differences between them?

MSIG Travel Insurance

The different MSIG Travel Insurance Plans are 




4. MSIG Pre-Ex Standard

5. MSIG Pre-Ex Elite

6. MSIG Pre-Ex Premier


Plan Type Cancellation Medical Coverage (Overseas) Bags/Belongings
Standard $5,000 $250,000 $3,000
Elite $10,000 $500,000 $5,000
Premier $15,000 $1,000,000 $7,500
Pre-Ex Standard $ 5,000 $75,000 $3,000
Pre-Ex Elite $10,000 $100,000 $5,000
Pre-Ex Premier $15,000 $150,000 $7,500

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Best Travel Insurance in Singapore 2023
Category Travel Insurance Plan Price for 1 week (Asia)
Price Sensitive(Annual Policy)Etiqa Basic$141
Great Claims ExperienceMSIG Travel Insurance$22
Adventure Activities (coverage vs ability to claim)Tokio Marine TM Explora Premier$50.40
Pre-Existing ConditionsMSIG TravelEasy Pre-Ex Standard$77
Deals & PromotionsAllianz Global Assistance Silver$50
Good ValueSompo TravelJoy Elite$25
Comprehensive CoverageTokio Marine TM Explora Classic$39
Traveling While PregnantAllianz Global Assistance Gold$73
Highest Overseas Medical CoverageAIG Travel Guard Premier$112
Frequent Travellers (Annual Policy)HL Assurance Travel Protect 360 Basic$220