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Why Use Us?
Why Use Us?
Our mission is to guide you through the jungle of insurance choices in Singapore.
As an independent insurance broker, we carefully help you choose the best possible insurance solution for you in Singapore.
Get cover in seconds, against – guaranteed – the best price and best coverage possible for insurance in Singapore. Simple. Quick. Carefree.
We are MAS licensed since 2015: a fully licensed insurance broker you can trust. We sell 7 insurance products from 20 insurance companies in Singapore.
We Make Insurance Easy!
Insurance Market
Our main priority is to help you to find the perfect insurance . We offer a wide variety of plans from different insurance companies in Singapore to tailor a plan that suits your individual needs.
Online Overview
Insurance Market
Keep losing your insurance policy ? We store your plans and details safely in your online account. This way we can also remind you of important dates in advance.
Value For Money
Insurance Market
Cheap can turn out to be very expensive. Our comparison looks at both quality and price and we give you our unbiased expert opinion which insurance policy provides the best value for money.
Easy To Use
Insurance Market
Buying insurance is easier than booking a holiday! Insurance Market allows you to compare and buy insurance instantaneously in Singapore within minutes.
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How is Insurance Market different from an insurance agent or an aggregator site?
  • We are a broker. An insurance broker is fully independent from insurance companies, This is different from an agent, (who works for an insurance company).
  • As a broker we provide fully independent advise and comparison. For that we have developed our own analysis, rating and comparison tools.
  • As a broker we are supervised and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • As a broker we work for our clients only. For instance with disputed claims . We are free for clients to use because insurers pay us a commission on policies that we sell.
  • We are professional and committed to providing our clients the best price and total transparency.
  • Our sales team is certified by Singapore Institute of Insurance so they can give you best advice.
  • We hire the best person for insurance jobs in Singapore so you can get the best service.