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From time to time you need to make claims under your insurance policies. Don’t worry, that is what insurances are for.

In Singapore, every insurance company has their own claim process. Luckily, most companies have an online submission system, but a few still have the more traditional approach of paper forms that need to be printed, completed and submitted.

Whatever the method, below you will find the direct links to all the Claims Pages of the insurers that we deal with, grouped by policy type. Just click the link and follow the instructions.

Given that most claim processes are online, it is most practical for you to claim directly from the insurance company without our involvement.

If your claim is complex or large however or if you could do with a word of advice before you submit or need help, then just give us a quick call or contact us through our chat function (on the right bottom hand of every page on our site) and conveniently mobilise the free support of our experienced professionals.

We are always keen to hear about your claim experiences, so if you have a particularly good or bad experience, do let us know about it so we can help you and others going forward.