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Personal Accident Insurance useful tips
Different from life insurance.
Supplements your life insurance does not replace it. Choose an amount suitable to your income level
Apply with your family.
Some insurers give a discount when you apply together with your spouse and even offer free coverage for children.
Occupation's risk exposure.
Personal accident products are designed based on your occupation's risk exposure.
Different from life insurance.
Supplements your life insurance does not replace it. Choose an amount suitable to your income level
Apply with your family.
Some insurers give a discount when you apply together with your spouse and even offer free coverage for children.
Occupation's risk exposure.
Personal accident products are designed based on your occupation's risk exposure.
Your Best Protection Against Accidents
Insurance Market
You can customise your own plan with flexible limits, affordable premiums and 24-hour worldwide protection. Accidents can happen anytime anywhere no matter how careful you are.
Many events included
Insurance Market
Compare policies and find out what exactly is included. There are a lot of differences between policies. Include food poisoning and infectious diseases.
Insurance Market
Spend a few minutes and compare carefully and know what you are buying. The differences between policies maybe seem small but the impact can be big.
Buy in time
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Make sure you buy before you turn 60, after that age many insurers do not accept new policies but will renew existing ones.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone get instant cover?

In general, you can apply for this policy if you are between the age of 18 to 65 years old. You must be a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent resident or a foreigner holding a valid pass issued by the Singapore government and is residing in Singapore. You can purchase and make payment online. Once we confirm with you that we have collected your premium through our online payment gateway, you will be insured. This should take a minute or two, and you will then be insured. You will be accepted based on your health declaration on the Application Form.

What is the definition of an Accident under this insurance?

An Accident is an event which is sudden, unexpected or unforeseen and it leads to an outcome which the Insured person did not intend or anticipate. It does not include the progressive cumulative result of a series of small incidents. The Policy premium generally not affected by age and does not increase as you get older. Premiums are usually based on occupation. Each occupation type involves specific work activities which would expose the individual to different risk hazards and this has a direct effect on the premium chargeable.

Why is Personal Accident Insurance relevant for me?

Personal Accident (PA) Insurance

is designed to provide financial protection and financial burden relief to you (the insured) against the risk of accidental death or bodily injury happening to you. Upon accidental death of the insured, this policy will pay a sum of money to his beneficiary (usually the dependent). Another important function is to help mitigate the loss of potential future income and to fund additional expenses incurred due to any disability condition and therefore unable to conduct his usual occupation or work.

PA Insurance is generally a Benefit Policy, which means it is a contract to pay a sum of money in the event of a certain contingency, irrespective of whether or not the insured sustains a financial loss. Hence, there is no need to prove the quantum of loss, unlike a contract of indemnity.

Is a Personal Accident insurance policy suitable for self-employed?

This type of insurance is of particular benefit to individuals who are self-employed and individuals with needs for financial protection against accident death, permanent total or partial disability, as well as for funds to meet with potentially huge medical bills especially for treatment in event of serious or protracted accidental bodily injuries.

Is Travel Insurance policy the same as Personal Accident Insurance policy?

Both policies offer coverage for accidental related risks in different ways. Travel Insurance covers you against mishaps, expenses and liabilities during your trip out of Singapore. Personal Accident Insurance covers you against the risk of accidental death, bodily injury or medical expenses within Singapore. In general you are covered while you are overseas for a period of 180 days from the day of departure from Singapore only. In this respect PA Insurance policy has limited worldwide geographical coverage.

What are key benefits of Sompo Personal Accident Insurance (Sompo PA Star)?

The key benefits of Sompo Personal Accident Insurance (Sompo PA Star) are 

  • DOUBLE INDEMNITY For Accidental Death in traffic accidents where you are a passenger or in fatal accidents involving both self and spouse.
  • MARRIAGE AND BABY ALLOWANCES $100 marriage bonus and $100 per newborn child.
  • CHINESE PHYSICIAN & CHIROPRACTOR TREATMENTS With up to $1,000 claimable per accident.
  • BUY OR RENT MOBILITY AIDS Up to $4,000 per accident for crutches, wheelchairs, etc.
  • 24-HOUR WORLDWIDE PROTECTION Stay protected against accidents and access our 24-hour emergency assistance hotline at any time.
  • NO CLAIM BONUS Up to 25% increase in sum insured.
  • FREE EXTENSION COVERAGE For food poisoning, accidental miscarriage, etc.
  • STAYCATION & TICKET CANCELLATION Up to $100 per event due to hospitalization.
  • DOUBLE HOSPITALISATION ALLOWANCE If you are warded in ICU due to an accident. FULL TERRORISM COVER With up to $500,000 in sum insured.
  • GUARD AGAINST 17 INFECTIOUS DISEASES Covers medical expenses for diseases such as dengue fever, HFMD, H1N1, Zika, etc.

For full coverage infoPA Star Brochure

What are key features of QBE Personal Accident Insurance ?

The key features of QBE Personal Accident Insurance under the name of  PA Extra Cover are 

PA Extra Cover

PA Extra Cover provides a very comprehensive package for both individuals and families.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No medical examination required
  • No claim bonus available
  • Coverage up to S$1,000,000 available
  • Accidental medical expenses limit is on Maximum Any One Accident basis with No Aggregate Limit
  • Higher sub-limit for Chinese Physician/Chiropractic Treatment
  • Excess free for Accidental Medical Expenses
  • Free cover for up to three children for Family Plan
  • Free cover for non-professional motor-cycle riding, mountaineering and winter sports
  • Increased sum Insured for Specified Permanent Disability

Learn about different QBE Personal Accident Insurance Plans


Will I be covered if I have to travel and stay out of Singapore?

You or any of the Insured Persons are covered for any short term travel out of Singapore up to 6 consecutive months during any period of insurance. The cover for that Insured Person lapses thereafter and all the benefits under the policy for such person shall cease from such date.

What are key benefits and compensation of Liberty Personal accident Insurance ?

The key benefits of Liberty Personal accident Insurance are 

  1. Flood or other convulsions of nature
  2. Murder and assault
  3. Third Degree Burns
  4. Terrorism except if due to nuclear, biological and chemical means (subject to a sub-limit)
  5. Strike, riot and civil commotion so long as the insured person is not an active participant

Death/Permanent Disablement

  • As per Table of Benefits in the actual policy wordings

Temporary Total Disablement

  • pays up to the limit selected per week, up to two years in the event of disablement which entirely prevents the Insured Person from attending to any occupation or profession

  • Limit under Temporary Total Disablement is capped at 0.5% of the limit under Death/Permanent Disablement subject to a maximum of S$750 or 50% of Proposer’s weekly earnings whichever is lower

Temporary Partial Disablement

  • Pays up to the limit selected per week up to two years in the event of disablement which prevents the Insured Person from attending to a substantial part of any occupation or profession

Medical Expenses

  • Pays up to the limit selected per accident for all medical, surgical and hospital expenses necessarily incurred by the Insured
  • Limit under Medical Expenses is capped at 5% of the limit under Death/Permanent Disablement subject to a maximum of S10,000 whichever is lower

Hospital Allowance

  • Pays up to the limit selected per day up to a maximum of 30 days per accident

   Learn about different Liberty Personal Accident Insurance Plans

What are key features and plan highlight of MSIG Personal Accident Insurance ( ProtectionPlus )?

The Key features of MSIG Personal Accident Insurance are 

  • Permanent and Total Disablement Cover
    ProtectionPlus is a personal accident insurance plan featuring a high permanent and total disablement payout of up to $375,000
  • Hospitalisation Cash Benefit
    We pay a $200* daily hospital cash benefit for a maximum of 50 days if you meet with an accident.
  • Temporary Total Disablement Cover
    You and your family will be supported with a monthly income of $2,600* for up to 2 years if you are unable to work due to temporary total disablement.

The Plan highlights of MSIG Personal Accident Insurance are

Bereavement Grant
The plan offers a $10,000* bereavement grant, one of the most generous in the market.

Bonus Cover
Protect your entire family with free cover for up to 3 children when you and your spouse enroll for ProtectionPlus at the same time.

Third Degree Burns Cover
Provide cover for third-degree burns arising out of any injury

Value-added Covers
Value-added covers for motorcycling as a rider or pillion rider, Injuries during reservist training and leisure sports like snorkeling, wakeboarding, and bungee-jumping, plus access to MSIG Assist helpline in the event of an emergency overseas.

Learn about different MSIG Personal Accident Insurance Plans ( ProtectionPlus )

MSIG ProtectionPlus Brochure

What are the policy exclusions?

The key exclusions are war and warlike operations, radioactive and nuclear activity, work on aircraft, dangerous sports, suicide, self-injury, pre-existing physical or mental defect, under influence of drugs (unless prescribed by a registered Medical Practitioner) or alcohol, full-time military service, uniformed groups and occupations excluded under the insurance. The full details of the exclusions are contained in the policy.

What are the different Personal accident plans under Sompo PA Star ?

The different Personal accident plans under Sompo PA Star are 

  • Standard 
  • Deluxe
  • Elite
  • Elite2
  • Elite6

For more information click on different Sompo PA Star Plans 

How do I make a claim?

Please contact the Claims Department of Insurer as soon as possible after any event giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim and complete a Claim form to facilitate the claim process. Written proof of the accident such as police report, doctor’s report, original medical receipts, invoices, and all supporting documents must be furnished as proof of claim.


More Questions?

Check the “FAQ” Tab in the page menu for more Personal Accident related FAQ’s or give us a call on our help line!

Can I buy Personal Accident Insurance for my family ?

Yes, you can buy Personal accident Insurance for your family, generally, kids are included for free but the coverage for kids will be far less generally around 25% of that of an adult . 

What are the eligibility criteria of Sompo Personal Accident policy ( Sompo PA Star )?

The eligibility criteria of Sompo Personal Accident policy ( Sompo PA Star ) are 

Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents or Foreigners with valid employment pass, work permit, dependent pass, student pass and long term social visit pass between the age of 16 to 70 years old* and are domiciled in Singapore, can apply. Children from 1-month-old up to 20 years old who are dependent, unmarried and unemployed natural children, legal step-children and legally adopted children of the insured self can also be enrolled in the same policy. For those in full-time tertiary institutions, the age limit will be extended to their 25th birthday. However, if you need to leave home for temporary residence overseas ranging from a few months to a few years, please contact our office for separate quotation.

What are key benefits of NTUC Personal Accident Insurance ?

The key features of NTUC Personal Accident Insurance are 

  • Receive up to $1,500,000 for permanent disability due to an accident.
  • Reimbursement for post-accident home modification and physiotherapy expenses incurred due to accidents.
  • Coverage for various types of professions as well as optional protection against 21 infectious diseases such as Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and Dengue Fever.
  • Versatile coverage for accidental death and medical expenses due to accidents with four plans to choose from.

  • Child support fund of up to $35,000 in the event of death due to an accident.
  • Extra protection at no extra cost for a host of other benefit extensions such as acts of terrorism, riots, and food poisoning.
  • Children also get a 40% discount on premiums if at least one parent is insured under the same policy. 

What are the current promotions for N TUC Personal Accident Income ?

The current promotions for NTUC Personal Accident Income are 

From now till 28 October, receive up to $150 CapitaVouchers^ when you purchase PA Assurance and or/PA Guard insurance plan. 


Product Minimum Yearly
premium of
Qualifying Policies
PA Assurance and/or PA Guard $300 $20
$400 $40
$480 $50
$600 $80
$900 $150