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Maid Insurance useful tips
Check accidental medical expenses coverage.
Make sure that policy gives sufficient coverage in case your maid has an accident. Generally the basic maid insurance covers $1000 per annum.
Daily wage and Levy reimbursement can save you.
If your domestic helper is hospitalised, it will be most ideal if your maid insurance policy can cover for her wages during this period.
Waiver of indemnity is important.
For additional cost of $53.50, you can limit your liability on the $5000 security bond needed by MOM to $250. It limits your liability in case your maid breaks any law in Singapore.
Look for Third Party Liability
Covers you against any sums resulting from accidental bodily injury to any third parties, and accidental damage to any third parties’ properties caused by your domestic helper.
Check accidental medical expenses coverage.
Make sure that policy gives sufficient coverage in case your maid has an accident. Generally the basic maid insurance covers $1000 per annum.
Daily wage and Levy reimbursement can save you.
If your domestic helper is hospitalised, it will be most ideal if your maid insurance policy can cover for her wages during this period.
Waiver of indemnity is important.
For additional cost of $53.50, you can limit your liability on the $5000 security bond needed by MOM to $250. It limits your liability in case your maid breaks any law in Singapore.
Look for Third Party Liability
Covers you against any sums resulting from accidental bodily injury to any third parties, and accidental damage to any third parties’ properties caused by your domestic helper.
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There are so many maid insurances policies around, also called fdw insurance policy for a foreign domestic worker, or domestic helper insurance). How do they compare? We make it easy for you by showing you 13 fdw policies of 6 different insurers side by side. So you can compare and select which policy best fits your needs and circumstances. Find either the cheapest fwd insurance or the best maid insurance as you like. Confused? Feel free to chat or call with us if you need more help or advice.
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It takes just 5 minutes to scroll down our offers and to buy insurance for your domestic worker (also called helper insurance or fdw insurance policy) from our online brokerage website. Just enter a few details about yourself and your maid, make payment online and send us a scanned copy of the renewal notice or in-principle approval (IPA) letter & the passport of the maid. This is all you need to buy insurance.
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Compare domestic helper insurance side by side. We show you all your options based on your maid's nationality and your preferences. We provide great maid insurance promotions from time to time so you can be sure you are getting the best deal in town! Currently, we are giving 35% OFF on Etiqa maid insurance and 20% OFF on Liberty maid Insurance.
Urgent cases
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Oh oh, too late with your submission? Is your maid already on the way and you have not bought your maid insurance policy yet? No worries, give us a call and we can expedite the process of your maid insurance request and secure the insurance transmission to MOM on the same day, provided you can send us with all the required documents before 3 pm.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is maid insurance (also called as fdw insurance)?

Maid Insurance / FDW Insurance 

When employing a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW, also known as domestic helper or maid), you have quite a few legal responsibilities. One of those is that you are required to bear the full cost of the medical care of your FDW. To limit financial consequences and to comply with the other requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower many insurance companies have developed Foreign Domestic Worker Insurance (FDW Insurance) policies. Know more about how to hire a maid directly with maid agency.

What are MOM requirements regarding Maid insurance?

MOM has mentioned the following requirements

  • Medical insurance cover of at least $15,000 yearly for inpatient care and day surgery while in Singapore.
  • Personal accident insurance sum assured of at least $60,000 yearly.

For more details refer to the MOM requirements regarding Maid Insurance.

What are major risks covered in a FDW maid Insurance Policy?

Before we go into the actual scores, we want to explain how we actually go about the rating in our base-line scoring model. Let’s first review the major risks that are covered.

Personal Accident Coverage

You are required to purchase personal accident insurance coverage for the maid, and the minimum sum insured as required by MOM is S$60,000. The amount is claimable should your maid suffers death or permanent disability due to accidents.

Medical Insurance Coverage

MOM requires all foreign domestic workers holding Work Permits to have a minimum medical insurance coverage of S$15,000 a year. Some policies go as high as $40,000 though. Medical expense coverage can help you pay for your maid’s bills if she requires medical treatment.

Security Bond

This is more a service than an insurance. The insurance company will issue a Letter of Guarantee for a S$5,000 security bond on your behalf to Ministry of Manpower, so that you don't have to put up a cash deposit. However, depending on the insurance package and options you purchase, you may still be liable for the $5,000 if your maid fails to comply with Singapore laws. An optional waiver of indemnity limits your $5,000 bond liability to a smaller amount, usually somewhere around $250, if the breach of the bond is not due to your negligence or fault. Since you pay an additional premium, we exclude this feature in our rating model, so as to keep the policies comparable.

Other Benefits

This covers matters such as legal or third party liability resulting from your maid's accidental negligence, coverage for termination expenses when your maid is certified unfit for work by a medical practitioner either due to injury or illness or repatriation expenses which covers the expenses for repatriating your maid's body or ashes due to an accident or illness that results in death.

What are the benefits or features of MSIG maid Insurance ( MaidPlus ) ?

The key benefits or features of MSIG maid Insurance  ( MaidPlus ) are 

  • Personal Accident Cover
    MSIG’s MaidPlus offers $60,000 in personal accident cover and $1,000 for accidental medical expenses.

  • Hospital and Surgical Cover
    We pay up to $15,000 for hospitalization and surgical charges including 90 days’ pre and post hospitalization expenses for diagnostic services and treatment. The option is available to increase cover by another $15,000.  
  • Alternative Domestic Help Benefit
    We reimburse you $50 daily for up to 30 days if you require temporary help while your helper is hospitalized.\

    Daily Wages & Levy Reimbursement 
    We compensate you with your helper’s daily wages for up to $30 each day for a maximum of 30 days if she is hospitalized.

    Insurance Guarantee Bond
    MaidPlus ensures you comply with all regulations by issuing on your behalf a Letter of Guarantee for a $5,000 security bond to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

    Enhancement of Medical Expenses Benefit
    Medical Expenses enhanced to include dengue fever (includes negative results), dental treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment due to injury.

    Personal Accident Cover
    Lump-sum payout in the event of the death of your helper during the course of employment.

    Alternative Domestic Help Benefit
    Hiring fees for a replacement helper.

  • Read more about different MSIG Maid Insurance plans

How to buy insurance for fdw online?

On the maid insurance page just select few details like maid nationality , duration of fdw insurance (14 or 26) months, the start date of the policy. Press show my quotes button and get instant quotes, compare the fdw insurance policies and buy the one which suits your needs. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 working days to process your request and send you the soft copy of maid insurance via email.

What is Security bond for maid insurance?

A security bond is a binding pledge to pay the government (up to $5,000) if you break the law or the conditions governing the employment of a helper. When this Bond is activated, the insurer guarantees to pay the government on your behalf first; then the insurer claims back the money from you. In all the maid insurance it is included by default so the customer does not have to pay extra for it.

Do Indonesian maid require performance bond ?

No Indonesian maid does not require a performance bond. Please read No need for Performance Bond for Indonesian Maid


What documents are needed for maid insurance?

You need to have the following documents:

  • A copy of In-Principal Approval Letter or Renewal Notice from Ministry of Manpower
  • A copy of FDW’s passport

What are the employer’s obligation towards maid?

As an employer, you are obliged to pay your helper salary timely, provide adequate and suitable food, insurance cover, medical care (which covers hospitalization), a safe and conducive working environment and one holiday per week or salary in lieu of it.


What to do if early termination of maid contract is required?

Employer need to pay for the flight ticket to the maid’s home destination city. He also needs to cancel the work permit online within 7 days of maid’s departure from Singapore. Failure of doing so might cause MOM to forfeit the 5k security bond. Once the work permit is cancelled, he needs to apply to insurer for cancellation of the fdw insurance. Insurer will then refund him the insurance amount on prorated bases.

What are current msig maid insurance promotions ?

The current MSIG maid Insurance promotions are to get $70 worth medical package including 1 medical checkup and 1 flu vaccination. For the full list of clinics and related inquiries, please call our Customer Service Officers at 6827 2548 (Mon to Fri, 8:45 am - 5:30 pm) or email us here. 

What are key features of Sompo Maid insurance ( MaidEase )?

Sompo Maid insurance  MaidEase covers these benefits:

  • Worldwide Personal Accident whereby up to S$70,000 is paid for accidental death or permanent disablement
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses (including treatment) from Public and Private Hospitals in Singapore as well as Hospitals outside Singapore
  • Waiver of Counter Indemnity which limits your liability to S$250 (instead of S$5,000), so long as you are not the cause of the breach of the S$5,000 Security Bond
  • Domestic Helper Liability which covers your domestic helper’s unforeseen negligence resulting in accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage. This policy covers your legal liability to compensate the third party
  • Repatriation Expenses are covered for reasonable expenses incurred should you need to send your domestic helper to her home country upon accidental bodily injury, sickness or disease of whatsoever nature

Learn more about different Sompo Maid Insurance Plans

What are the key features of Hong Leong Maid Insurance ?

The key features for Hong Leong Maid Insurance 

  Comprehensive Coverage

  Comprehensive coverage with high personal accident and medical expenses cover. Maid Protect360 also provides savings for the maid’s medical consultation at selected clinics.

  Flexible Plan Level

 Various plan levels have been tailored for easy reference with the different sum insured. Choose the plan level that you are comfortable with and give your maid a 100% protection.

  Quality Service

With our excellent service, you can now easily call us to find out more about the product or any claims assistance.

Learn More about Different Hong Leong Maid Insurance Plans 


How much is the foreign domestic worker levy?

Foreign domestic worker levy is S$ 300 dollars however employer can apply for concession under some conditions.

Levy concession is part of the package to support Singaporeans needing care. Foreign domestic worker (FDW) employers can get a concessionary rate of $60 per month if they are eligible under one of the levy concession schemes.

FDW employers can qualify for levy concession under any of these schemes:

  • Young child or grandchild scheme
  • Aged person scheme
  • Persons with disabilities scheme

For more details click on this foreign domestic worker levy.

What are key benefits of Etiqa maid insurance ( eProtect Maid )?

The key benefits of Etiqa maid insurance ( eProtect Maid ) are

Personal Accident protection

  • 24-hour worldwide* protection against accidental death, permanent disablement, and medical expenses

Hospitalization and Surgical Expenses

  •  Cost of treatment for inpatient treatment and day surgery due to illness or accident
  •  Pre-hospitalisation and pre-day surgery charges such as diagnostic procedures and laboratory examinations
  • Cost of outpatient treatment after inpatient treatment and day surgery

Repatriation Expenses

  • Burial/cremation and conveyance to her home country
  • Conveyance to her home country as a result of being certified to be medically unfit to perform her duties following bodily injury or sickness or suicide which result in death or total permanent disablement

Critical Illness

  •  Allow your maid to receive a lump sum payout in the event that she suffers from a critical illness

Learn more about Different Etiqa Maid Insurance Plans

What are key benefits for Liberty Maid Insurance ( MaidCare )?

The Key Benefits of  Liberty Maid Insurance ( MaidCare ) are

  1. Meets Ministry of Manpower’s requirement for Security Bond, Personal Accident, and Hospitalization & Surgical Expenses
  2. Same day transmission to Ministry of Manpower
  3. Immediate acknowledgment
  4. Quick turnaround time

Read more Benefit of Liberty Maid Insurance

Learn about different Liberty Maid Insurance Plans

What are key benefits of EQ Maid Insurance ( EQ Maid ) ?

The key benefits of EQ Maid Insurance ( EQ Maid ) are 

  • Legal Liabilities

    We will indemnify you against legal liability arising from claims by your foreign domestic maid at Common Law of up to S$5,000 in any one accident / in aggregate.

  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses

    We pay up to S$30,000 in Hospital and Surgical Expenses (per year limit) in Singapore Government Restructured Hospital (6-Bedded).

  • Wages Compensation

    We pay up to S$30 per day for Wages & Levy Reimbursement (Maximum 30 days).

  • Insurance Guarantee

    We will provide a Letter of Guarantee to MOM in lieu of the S$5,000 cash deposit.

  • Personal Accident

    We pay up S$60,000 in the event of accidental death or permanent disablement.

  Learn  more about Different EQ Maid Insurance Plans


How to hire maid directly without maid agency ?

Maid agency

Please refer to the page How to hire maid directly without maid agency 

How to apply for fdw work permit?

You can apply for an fdw work permit online on MOM website. You need to pay $60 per fdw work permit, $30 when submitting an application and $30 on collection. Click on  fdw work permit process to know more.

How does waiver of indemnity protects you when security bond is forfeited?

Waiver of indemnity

It protects you in the event that the Security Bond is forfeited (up to $5,000), you will only need to pay a small sum called excess (normally $250) while the insurer takes care of the balance payment. This Add-On benefit is available for an additional premium of $53.50. An important point to note is this waiver benefit will not be payable in the event of any breach by the insured (employer) of the conditions of the Security Bond imposed by MOM. Learn more on this subject at Waiver of Indemnity for Maid

What is letter of guarantee or Performance bond for Philippines maid?

Performance bond for Philippines maid

Philippines embassy wants the employer to buy $7000 bond for the Filipino maid known as a Letter of Guarantee or Performance Bond. This bond is only required when the maid has to go for home leave within her 2 years of contract or renew her passport in Singapore. As for the issuance of Performance Bond, the insurer will issue a Letter of Guarantee to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Singapore ("POLO") on your behalf.

Is it necessary for maid to have fdw insurance before entering in Singapore?

Yes Maid need to have maid insurance or fdw insurance before entering in Singapore.

Which maid insurance covers Medical and Dental outpatient for Maid ?

The Higher HL maid Insurance plans cover Medical and Dental outpatient for Maid. These plans are Enhanced, Premier and Exclusive. Special discounts for maid’s medical and dental consultation at the approved panel of clinics islandwide. For more information click here HL Maid Insurance plans benefits.

What are the main features of ntuc maid insurance ?

The main features of NTUC Maid Insurance are 

  • Protect your helper against accidental death or permanent disability due to an accident.
  • Cover your helper’s hospital and surgical expenses, which includes emergency overseas hospitalization.
  • Waive the deposit required by a Singapore government restructured hospitals with the Letter of Guarantee if your helper is hospitalized.
  • Option to add the Performance bond (required by the Philippines embassy) on to your main plan or purchase the bond by itself.
  • Claim wages compensation of up to $35 for each day that your helper is hospitalized (up to 30 days).
  • Choose from either a 14-month or 26-month policy based on your needs.

How to make fdw insurance policy claim?

Which maid insurance covers dengue treatment for maid ?

The maid insurances which cover dengue treatment for maid are MSIG and Sompo. 

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