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Enjoy a worry-free holiday or business trip with Travel insurance. Insurance for flight or cruise trips are available on our platform. International insurance covers you against medical emergencies overseas, flight delays, trip cancellation, lost baggage, golf equipment and more. Compare offers on single trip Travel Insurance or annual Travel Insurance and buy the best value for money policy in minutes.

Personalised Choice

No traveller is the same since we all have different needs. Based on your needs you can filter a suitable Travel Insurance. We recommend the best Travel Insurance plan for you.

Best Value for Money

Cheap is not always the best way to buy Travel Insurance. Especially when it involves your medical needs when you are overseas. We have calculated the best value for money per policy so you only have to select and buy.

Unbiased Advice

We have crunched the numbers and rated all the Travel Insurance policies so you can easily compare them side by side. We have over 15 Travel Insurance companies on our platform, so we help you to buy the best for you.


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“Just bought my travel policy and really enjoyed the Insurance Market experience. It is quick and helped me find the policy that gave me the best value for money for my travel destination. Keep it up guys!”


Buy Travel Insurance Policies from:

Currently, Insurance Market has the following Travel Insurance Policies available to compare and buy directly online:

Buy AIG Travel Guard

AIG Travel Guard

Travel Guard Classic, from S$26.00

Travel Guard Superior, from S$36.00

Travel Guard Premier, from S$50.00

Buy AIG Travel Guard
Buy Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance Bronze, from S$23.00

Allianz Global Assistance Silver, from S$30.00

Allianz Global Assistance Gold, from S$43.00

Buy Allianz Global Assistance
Buy AXA Smart Traveller

AXA Smart Traveller

Smart Traveller Essential, from S$8.86

Smart Traveller, from S$12.15

Buy AXA Smart Traveller
Buy ERGO TravelProtect

ERGO TravelProtect

TravelProtect Basic, from S$7.00

TravelProtect Essential, from S$21.00

TravelProtect Standard, from S$28.00

TravelProtect Deluxe, from S$41.00

Buy ERGO TravelProtect
Buy EQ Insurance Travel

EQ Insurance Travel

EQ Travel Essential, from S$22.00

EQ Travel Deluxe, from S$29.00

Buy EQ Travel
Buy Liberty Insurance TourCare

Liberty TourCare

TourCare Plus Standard, from S$25.00

TourCare Plus Supreme, from S$32.00

Buy Liberty TourCare
Buy MSIG TravelEasy

MSIG TravelEasy

TravelEasy Standard, from S$25.00

TravelEasy Elite, from S$39.00

TravelEasy Premier, from S$54.00

Buy MSIG TravelEasy
Buy QBE Travelon

QBE Travelon

Travelon Standard Plus, from S$25.00

Travelon Super Plus, from S$36.00

Buy QBE Travelon
Buy Sompo TravelJoy

Sompo TravelJoy

TravelJoy Vital, from S$23.00

TravelJoy Deluxe, from S$30.00

TravelJoy Elite, from S$40.00

Buy Sompo TravelJoy
Buy Tokio Marine TM Xplora

Tokio Marine Xplora

TM Xplora Classic, from S$20.00

TM Xplora Premier, from S$24.00

Buy TM Xplora

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What do you need to know before buying Travel Insurance?

Cover and Benefits

All policies offer at least basic levels of cover for medical costs, cancellation and lost, damaged or stolen baggage. However, policies’ coverage vary greatly and it’s important to check that you have the right insurance for the kind of travelling you plan to do.

Check the level of cover for the features named above and also consider the following:

  • Emergency assistance
  • Personal liability
  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Legal assistance
  • Travel disruption
  • Holiday curtailment
Generally, single-trip policy covers you for as long as your trip lasts up to a maximum of 180 days.
An annual travel policy covers you an unlimited number of trips for an entire year from the policy start date. Such policy is worthwhile if you’re a frequent traveller.
Do take note that the maximum length of each trip is capped at 90 days.
Generally, it covers against any injury caused by accident(s) that result(s) in death or permanent total disability or loss of limb(s) or sight.
An annual policy will cover you for an unlimited number of trips the entire year, however, coverage typically only applies up to a maximum of 90 days per trip.
A single trip plan generally only cover up to a maximum of 180 days.
Any personal illness or medical condition that is known or existing before buying an insurance policy is considered a pre-existing medical condition.

You are required to inform your insurer about any pre-existing medical condition. Failure to do so could result in the insurer refusing to pay out in the event of a claim.

You may still purchase travel insurance. However, generally, you will not be covered for losses and medical treatments that are related to your pre-existing conditions. Other coverages and benefits such as baggage delay and personal accident will still apply.
Generally, you will not be covered for losses and medical treatment that are related to your pre-existing conditions. Other coverages and benefits such as baggage delay and personal accident will still apply.
Generally, if you, your family member or travelling companion is seriously ill or injured and you cancel the trip as a result, you will be covered for the amount you paid for the trip up to the limit stated.
In the case of work related matters, you will not be covered. Eligibility for trip cancellation benefit differs from insurer to insurer. Generally, in the case of serious illness, injury, natural disasters, riots, epidemic and/or pandemics, you will be eligible to receive trip cancellation benefits.
If there is no adult family member with you, the cost of travel and hotel accommodation will generally be paid for one person to visit and stay with you until you’re medically fit to continue your trip or return to Singapore. Who that person can be differs between insurers. Generally it is restricted to close relatives.
Activities such as skiing, or other snow sports and adventure holidays are unlikely to be covered by standard travel insurance, with most insurers classifying it as an extra. Specialist winter sports insurance will cover you for things such as damage to equipment, injury and, in some cases, closure of the slopes.

General & Eligibility

When you travel outside your own country you may be faced with mishaps, expenses and liabilities. The impact of these can be beyond what you expect or what you could bear. Travel insurance will cover quite a few of these events, so it is definitely a worthwhile consideration.
We recommend that you buy your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip.
Should there be any unforeseen circumstances or situations that render you unable to travel, such as serious illness or collapse of your travel agency, you will generally be covered for any non-recoverable travel and accommodation expenses that you have already paid.
The period of insurance will be the start and end date of your trip, based on Singapore time.
For example, if you are departing from Singapore on 08 June 2016 22:45, you will indicate your start date as 08 June 2016. Likewise, if you are arriving in Singapore on 10 July 2016 01:30, you will indicate your end date as 10 July 2016.
Most coverage will only be effective when you are overseas with the exception of a few coverage such as trip cancellation/ postponement.
You can do so when you have arrived at Compare page (Step 3 of 5).
To see whether something is covered by the policy, on the policy card:
Click on Policy Summary to expand the section
Click on More information button
Click on Policy Conditions tab
Here, all the details of what is covered by each policy can be found.
You can do so when you have arrived at Compare page (Step 3 of 5).
To compare different policies:

  1. Click the Add to compare box on each policy card
  2. Select up to a maximum of 3 policies to compare and click Compare.
  3. Here, the comparison of the policies selected can be found. Click and expand the various sections to see the comparison of each coverage.
If you are travelling with family members, you may choose to get a family travel insurance policy. Generally, a family travel policy insures up to 2 adults and a certain number of children, depending on the policy. Generally, a child is someone up to the age of 18 years old and is related to one of the travelling adults.

Generally, any traveller over 18 years old is classified as an adult; if you have a family policy, you will only be able to include children up to the age of 18 years old. Any children over this age limit will need to take up a separate policy. Some insurers, however, increased the age limit up to 25 years old if the traveller is a full-time student.

Generally, your child can be a policyholder if he/she is aged 16 years and above.

You may purchase a single trip policy to visit two countries as long as you do not return to Singapore for more than 3 hours before visiting the next country.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase travel insurance if you are already overseas.

You will need to purchase your travel insurance before the commencement of your trip.

You will need to contact your insurer to request for an amendment. You can do so even after the trip has commenced.
Generally, health insurance only covers hospital fees while overseas. Travel insurance provides a more comprehensive coverage which covers additional events such as trip cancellation, baggage delay, theft of personal items while overseas.
Credit card companies sometimes provide complementary travel insurance if you pay for the travel package using their credit card. However, the travel insurance provided is usually not as comprehensive as the ones offered by insurers.

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The above prices are normal non discounted starting off prices for a single trip plan. The actually policy premium maybe higher depending on your personal situation and requirements.