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We are not just a regular Travel Insurance comparison platform. On Insurance Market we stop the confusion and create “zen” by showing you exactly which policy provides you best value for money based on your personalised needs. On top of that we help you with your admin. We do that by storing your new policy in your own online account, available to you any time anywhere. This account can also be used for other policies you buy through us. This way we create a neat policy overview and enable you to keep your personal details up-to-date, which will come in handy next time you book a policy, saving you from having to endlessly input the same information.

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Personalised Choice

All of us are different and have our own personalised needs. Suitable Travel Insurance for one person may not necessarily be the best policy for another. Insurance Market recommends the best Travel Insurance policies, based on your personal requirements and preferences.

Best Value for Money

A cheap policy may turn out not providing the level of cover you need and may cost you a lot at the end of the day. We compare insurers not only on price but use sophisticated algorithms to give you a quick score that makes the quality of their coverage comparable. So you have all the info you need to choose.

Unbiased Advice

We look at policies clinically and without bias. We apply our rating models and analysis when we compare across different types of Travel Insurance policies in Singapore. We gather all the important information and do the number crunching that is needed for you. We then recommend the best policies for you to choose from.

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Available Travel Insurance Policies

Currently, Insurance Market has the following Travel Insurance Policies available to compare and buy directly online:c

Buy AIG Travel Guard

AIG Travel Guard

Travel Guard Classic, from S$26.00

Travel Guard Superior, from S$36.00

Travel Guard Premier, from S$50.00

Buy AIG Travel Guard
Buy Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance

Allianz Global Assistance Bronze, from S$23.00

Allianz Global Assistance Silver, from S$30.00

Allianz Global Assistance Gold, from S$43.00

Buy Allianz GA Travel
Buy AXA Smart Traveller

AXA Smart Traveller

Smart Traveller Essential, from S$8.86

Smart Traveller, from S$12.15

Buy AXA Smart Traveller
Buy ERGO TravelProtect

ERGO TravelProtect

TravelProtect Basic, from S$7.00

TravelProtect Essential, from S$21.00

TravelProtect Standard, from S$28.00

TravelProtect Deluxe, from S$41.00

Buy ERGO TravelProtect
Buy EQ Insurance Travel

EQ Insurance Travel

EQ Travel Essential, from S$22.00

EQ Travel Deluxe, from S$29.00

Buy EQ Travel
Buy Liberty Insurance TourCare

Liberty TourCare

TourCare Plus Standard, from S$25.00

TourCare Plus Supreme, from S$32.00

Buy Liberty TourCare
Buy MSIG TravelEasy

MSIG TravelEasy

TravelEasy Standard, from S$25.00

TravelEasy Elite, from S$39.00

TravelEasy Premier, from S$54.00

Buy MSIG TravelEasy
Buy QBE Travelon

QBE Travelon

Travelon Standard Plus, from S$25.00

Travelon Super Plus, from S$36.00

Buy QBE Travelon
Buy Sompo TravelJoy

Sompo TravelJoy

TravelJoy Vital, from S$23.00

TravelJoy Deluxe, from S$30.00

TravelJoy Elite, from S$40.00

Buy Sompo TravelJoy
Buy Tokio Marine TM Xplora

Tokio Marine Xplora

TM Xplora Classic, from S$20.00

TM Xplora Premier, from S$24.00

Buy TM Xplora

What do you need to know before buying Travel Insurance?
We’ve got you covered with these Q&A’s

Travel Insurance is for peace of mind. There are many unforeseen circumstances that can affect you during your overseas trip and you don’t want to worry about them. For example, your trip may be cancelled, or you may fall ill overseas and require emergency medical treatment. Whatever the circumstances are, Travel Insurance helps you to cover most of the unexpected cost incurred while overseas.

On top of that the 24-hour assistance hotline can provide you with important support during emergencies. From our experience, the 24-hour helpline is particularly useful when you are in an unfamiliar environment and do not speak the language, or are not accustomed to the laws of the country you are in.

Travel Insurances are inexpensive to purchase relative to how much you are already spending on your overseas trip, so no need to be too stingy. “But how to choose? Policies offered from various insurance companies provide such different types of coverage at such different prices”, you may wonder. So how should you decide what to buy?

To get the most value out of the money you are spending, you should try to filter insurances on what’s important to you and compare policies across different providers before buying the most suitable plan available at a reasonable price. Our Insurance Market Travel Insurance comparison platform is designed to make that as easy as possible.

If you plan to only go on 1-2 trips a year, a single trip plan is probably most suitable for you. If you plan to travel more than 2-3 times a year, it is advisable to consider an annual multi-trip plan since this allows you to make unlimited trips within the period of 12 months to a specified area of coverage.

If you make many trips each year, the annual multi-trip plan would work out to be a lot cheaper. Do note that the duration of each trip can usually not last more than 90 days, and that coverage may be restricted to a specific geographical area such as Asia Pacific.

Choosing suitable Travel Insurance is largely based on your personal needs and circumstances. Price is not the only factor. There are many other important factors to consider such as overseas medical expenses coverage and emergency evacuation.

Your current age or health status may also determine your choice of plans. If you are pregnant or around 70 years of age, there are Travel Insurance plans that are customised specifically to provide coverage for such individuals. Another consideration would be sports-related trips. For example, there are certain plans that specifically cater to travellers who are participating in sports overseas such as diving and skiing, while other plans may exclude coverage for such sports.
As there are numerous needs to address, Insurance Market’s Travel Insurance comparison platform makes it easy for you to filter, compare and buy the right Travel Insurance plan.

Insurance Market allows you to filter, compare and buy insurances based on your personalised needs. Insurance Market helps you to take the stress out of buying insurance and provides the tools necessary to allow you to decide what is the most suitable insurance policy for you. The Insurance Market platform is very simple to use. You only have to key in basic travel details and set personal criteria and Insurance Market will do the rest. Insurance Market will provide recommendations and ratings for different policies based on our rigorous rating model and in accordance to the requirements that YOU have set. The recommendations we provide are completely unbiased.

All that is left for you to do would be to choose the plan that you want and to buy it. You can pay for the policy online and can also login to our system to check the policies that you have bought.

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The above prices are normal non discounted starting off prices for a single trip plan. The actually policy premium maybe higher depending on your personal situation and requirements.