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useful tips
Home Insurance
useful tips
Easily customize your home insurance.
Select the coverage you need, increase home content and/or renovations as required.Don’t just stick to the standard coverage levels.
Be careful with underinsuring.
Insurance companies expect your coverage to match the value of your property and will penalise under-insurance with reduced pay-outs.
Think of making an itemized list.
It makes it easier to estimate your home contents value and makes a claim process much more serene.
Renovations and building.
Some insurers group renovations & building together while others treat them separately. Just check-it up carefully!
Compare Home Insurance Policies in Singapore
Made to measure
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Find the best policy that fits your circumstances. For HDB, Condo or Landed Property. Both for owner(s) and for tenant(s). Find the policy that meets your needs.
Keeping Track
Insurance Market
Home policies can include more than home content or buildings, so check our the differences and be in the know what you are insured for and what not.
Legal Liability
Insurance Market
Find the policies that include sufficient legal liability coverage in Singapore. This coverage is often apart of your home insurance package, so make sure you and your family are adequately covered.
Use our wallet
Insurance Market
Insurance Market is a convenient place for you to keep track of all your policies. You can keep all your policies in your online wallet with us with access anytime online.
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