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We are not just a regular Home (Property) Insurance comparison platform. On Insurance Market we stop the confusion and create “zen” by showing you exactly which policy provides you best value for money based on your personalised needs. On top of that we help you with your admin. We do that by storing your new policy in your own online account, available to you any time anywhere. This account can also be used for other policies you buy through us. This way we create a neat policy overview and enable you to keep your personal details up-to-date, which will come in handy next time you book a policy, saving you from having to endlessly input the same information.

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Personalised Choice

All of us are different and have our own personalised needs. Suitable Home Insurance for one person may not necessarily be the best policy for another. Insurance Market recommends the best Home Insurance policies, based on your personal requirements and preferences.

Best Value for Money

A cheap policy may turn out not providing the level of cover you need and may cost you a lot at the end of the day. We compare insurers not only on price but use sophisticated algorithms to give you a quick score that makes the quality of their coverage comparable. So you have all the info you need to choose.

Unbiased Advice

We look at policies clinically and without bias. We apply our rating models and analysis when we compare across different types of Home Insurance policies in Singapore. We gather all the important information and then recommend the best policies for you to choose from.

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Available Home Insurance Policies

Currently, Insurance Market has the following Pet Insurance Policies available to compare and buy directly online:

Buy Aviva Home Insurance

Aviva Home Insurance

Aviva Home Lite, from S$52.97

Aviva Home, from S$88.28

Aviva Home Plus, from S$ 160.55

Buy Aviva Home Plan
Buy AXA Home Essential Insurance

AXA Home Essential

Home Essential Standard, from S$53.50

AXA Home Essential Classic, from 82.93

AXA Home Essential Deluxe, from S$ 120.38

Buy AXA Home Essential

EQ Insurance HomeGUARD

HomeGUARD Silver, from S$112.35

HomeGUARD Gold, from 214.00

HomeGUARD Platinum, from 315.65

EQ Insurance HomeGUARD
Buy Liberty Home Care Insurance

Liberty Home Care

Home Care Plan A, from S$74.90

Home Care Plan B, from S$128.40

Home Care Plan C, from S$192.60

Buy Liberty
Home Care
Buy MSIG Home Insurance

MSIG Home Insurance

MSIG Home Plus Standard, from S$118.77

Home Plus Superior, from S$176.55

Home Plus Ultimate, from S$233.26

Home Plan
Buy Liberty Home Care Insurance

QBE Home Plan

Home Plus Basic, from S$101.65

Home Plus Standard, from 179.76

Home Plus Super, from S$256.80

Home Plan

What do you need to know before buying Home Insurance?

You buy Home Contents Insurance to protect what you own. Home Contents Insurance is a general insurance plan designed to protect the value of movable items within a residential property. Home Contents Insurance therefore complements Building Insurance. Safety at home and the risks around contents are often taken for granted so the importance of insurance protection is easily downplayed. However, the reality remains. Floods, fires, burglary or other unforeseen disasters continue to manifest our daily lives beyond anyone’s control.
First of all, price is a natural consideration but there are definitely other factors worth thinking through in selecting your solution. Saving a few hundred dollars’ worth of premium, does easily not outweigh potential risk exposure to mishaps around your home. As a positive step toward risk management, just ensure your plan is tailored to match your needs and circumstances at a reasonable price.
Depending on whether you are a home (property) owner/ landlord or tenant, your requirement for a Home Contents Insurance plan may differ. A home owner has clearly vested interests in protecting his home contents against potential financial losses or damages. A non-staying landlord may have concerns about the household items provided in a fully or partially furnished rented room/ apartment. A tenant, on the other hand, should be mindful of his own contents and any other responsibilities specified in the tenancy agreement.
Price is commonly used as a basis among buyers when selecting a home contents insurance plan. With increasing competition among insurers, buyers are spoilt for choice in the marketplace. The focus should fall upon the following key factors besides price:

  1. “Insured perils” vs “All risks” – This determines how extensive risk exposures are covered under the plan.
  2. “First loss” vs “Full sum insured” – This determines the value of the financial losses or damages claimable against the plan. Claims settled on a First Loss basis are without penalty for being under-insured. Under the “Average Clause”, the insurers can reduce payment on a claim by the percentage you are under-insured.
  3. Valuables – Home Contents Insurance normally has a sub-limit for unspecified items. For full cover, valuables must be itemised for insurer’s review and additional premium.
  4. Deciding sum insured for your home contents – The general rule of thumb is the replacement cost of your contents should it be completely destroyed.
  5. Common exclusions – They may differ among insurers and hence it is prudent to take a closer look when doing comparisons.
Insurance Market is a comparison and personalisation website where property owners/ landlords/ tenants can input their personal criteria and our engine will compare the plans side by side for them based on their personalised requirements and reviews.

Insurance Market is super easy to use: just key in basic property details, set personal criteria, Insurance Market does the comparison and lets you pick the plan from the list of suitable plans offered from many insurers. Next input your credit card details and you are all set. Upon yearly renewal, you can always review your plan if the need arises or simply renew your plan in just a few clicks. Your login provides you constant access to all your insurance policies with us and makes sure that all data are correct and consistent to help you avoiding disputes when it comes to claims.

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The above prices are normal non discounted starting off prices. The actually policy premium maybe higher depending on your personal situation and requirements.

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