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MSIG Maid Insurance ( MaidPlus )


MSIG Maid Insurance ( MAIDPLUS )

MSIG offers only one plan called as Maid Plus for maid insurance.

Key features

  • Personal Accident Cover
    MSIG’s MaidPlusoffers $60,000 in personal accident cover and $1,000 for accidental medical expenses.
  • Hospital and Surgical Cover
    We pay up to $15,000 for hospitalisation and surgical charges including 90 days’ pre and post hospitalisation expenses for diagnostic services and treatment. The option is available to increase cover by another $15,000.  
  • Alternative Domestic Help Benefit
    We reimburse you $50 daily for up to 30 days if you require temporary help while your helper is hospitalised.

Plan highlights

Daily Wages & Levy Reimbursement 
We compensate you with your helper’s daily wages for up to $30 each day for a maximum of 30 days if she is hospitalised.

Insurance Guarantee Bond
MaidPlus ensures you comply with all regulations by issuing on your behalf a Letter of Guarantee for a $5,000 security bond to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Enhancement of Medical Expenses Benefit
Medical Expenses enhanced to include dengue fever (includes negative results), dental treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment due to injury.

Personal Accident Cover
Lump-sum payout in the event of the death of your helper during the course of employment.

Alternative Domestic Help Benefit
Hiring fees for a replacement helper.


Benefit Sumary                                       Sum Insured / Limit             
1 Personal Accident
Death & Permanent Disablement $60,000 per year
Medical Expenses due to the accident including: $1,000
     Dental Treatment $500 (sub-limit)
     Treatment by Chinese Physician $100 (sub-limit)
     Dengue Fever – Medical expenses and diagnostic test $100 (sub-limit)
2 Hospital & Surgical Expenses
Inpatient expenses incurred in Class B2 or C ward in Singapore government hospital or re-structured hospital $15,000 per year
90 days pre and post hospitalisation diagnostic services and treatment
Day Surgery
3 Alternative Domestic Help Benefit Daily
allowance for hiring temporary help when your Maid is hospitalised due to an injury or illness 

$50 per day Max 30 days

4 Wages & Levy Reimbursement  
Pays you when your Maid is hospitalised due to an injury or illness

$30 per day Max 30 days

Repatriation Expenses 
Reimbursement for the cost of transportation for your Maid to return to her home country following Permanent Disablement or Death $10,000
6 Termination  Expenses
Pays you if your Maid is certified unfit for work by a medical practitioner due to injury or illness $300
7 Replacement Maid Expense 
Pays the hiring fees for a replacement Maid following the termination of your Maid’s service due to death, injury or illness $500
8 Special Grant  
Lump sum payment following the death of your Maid during her employment in Singapore $2,000
9 Liability to Third Parties 
Covers your legal liability for the third party accidental bodily injury or property damage as a result of the negligence of your Maid in the course of and arising out of her employment in Singapore $5,000
10 Maid’s Personal Belongings 
Loss or damage to personal effects belonging to your Maid in the event of a fire, water or flood damage at your residence $3,000
11 Insurance Guarantee Bond – Ministry of Manpower
Singapore Letter of Guarantee for a $5,000 security bond on your behalf to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) $5,000
Basic Plan Premium $267.50


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