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HL Car Insurance plans and promotions in Singapore 2023

HL Car Insurance Plans

HL Assurance is a member of Hong Leong Group, a conglomerate based in Malaysia with diversified businesses in banking and financial services, manufacturing and distribution, property development and investments, hospitality and leisure, and principal investment with presence in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. They are a general direct insurer. HL uses various forms of distribution including direct writing.

Car Protect360 Comprehensive Plan

If you are looking for a car insurance to suit your needs, we have it here for you. At HL Assurance, we understand the importance of a comprehensive insurance with affordable premiums.

Benefit List

The Car - General Coverage
Accessories & Parts
Repairs by Dealer
Repairs by workshop of your choice
Broken Window Glass
Windscreen Excess of $100 unless Windscreen is repaired at HL Assurance Appointed Windscreen Repairer
Towing upon Accident
Up to S$500
General wear & tear
West Malaysia
Thailand (Within 80km)
The Car - Level of Excess
Experienced & Mature Named Driver
Experienced & Young Named Driver
Experienced & Mature Unnamed Driver
Experienced & Young Unnamed Driver
Inexperienced & Mature Named Driver
Inexperienced & Young Named Driver
Inexperienced & Mature Unnamed Driver
Inexperienced & Young Unnamed Driver
Fire & Theft
Window Glass
Accessories & Parts
The Car - Covered Events (Car)
Up to market value of vehicle at time of loss or damage
Fire & Theft
Up to market value of vehicle at time of loss or damage
Malicious act
Up to market value of vehicle at time of loss or damage
Civil Unrest
Up to market value of vehicle at time of loss or damage
Natural Disasters
Up to market value of vehicle at time of loss or damage
Authority to Repair (minor)
Up to S$300
The Car - Covered Events (Car Accessories & Parts)
Fire & Theft
Malicious Act
Civil Unrest
Natural Disasters
The Car - Extra Window Glass Coverage
Chipped Window Glass
Transport Allowance
Liability to Third Parties - Legal Liability
Death & Injury
Third-Party Property
Up to S$5,000,000
Any Other Uninsured Car
Any Uninsured Named Drivers
Any Uninsured Unnamed Drivers
Legal Expenses
Costs & Expenses
Business Usage
Personal Property
Medical Expenses - Medical Expenses
Up to S$1,000 each
Named Driver
Up to S$1,000 each
Unnamed Driver
Up to S$1,000 each
Personal Accident Benefits - General Coverage
The Driver
Up to S$20,000
The Passenger(s)
Up to S$10,000 each
Multiple Policy Payouts
Influence of Alcohol & Drugs
Above Seating Capacity
Maximum compensation
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