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Since we want to make Insurance more zen, we also like to make your enquiries about Insurance Market more zen. This page is especially designed for everything media and press related. We have a media pack containing all important and relevant information for you. Please drop us a line, via the contact below for further questions.

  • We have listed our Press and Media Releases on this page for your convenience
  • This is also the place to read on coverage of Insurance Market in the media
  • You can also find our media kit on this page
  • We have listed our experts that contribute and write our articles
  • Contact details for our PR/ Media and Marketing Officer
Media coverage

Press Releases on Insurance Market

Our Experts

These are our experts. They write articles, how-to-guides, Do It Yourself (DIY) guides, top list and other materials to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to personal insurance.
If you have questions on a certain topic do not hesitate to contact them via a comment on one of their posts.

Jeremiah Tan

Expert on Travel Insurance and Pet Insurance

Otbert de Jong

Expert on Car Insurance and Personal Insurance

Kumseng Wong

Expert on Home Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance

Our Media Kit

The media kit consists of hi-res Insurance Market Logo, Product Shots, Infographics and Headshots of the Board all in a convenient ZIP-file (52 MB).
Check out our video section and infographics page.

  • Logo
  • Product shots
  • Infographics
  • Headshots
download Insurance Market Mediakit

PR/ Media Relations & Marketing Contact

Alexis van Dam

Contact for Marketing/ Media Relations
T: 8159 3461