Lonpac Insurance Berhad

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Lonpac Insurance Berhad

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    Phone Number: 6250 7388

Insurance Company Lonpac Insurance Berhad
Company Description The parent of Lonpac Insurance, LPI Capital Bhd (LPI), was formerly known as London & Pacific Insurance Company Berhad and is an investment holding company. After a rationalisation scheme, LPI transferred its entire insurance business to its wholly-owned subsidiary Lonpac Insurance Bhd in 1999. The shares of LPI are listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Lonpac Insurance Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of LPI Capital Bhd and was incorporated in Malaysia in 1994. The Company operates through 21 branches in Malaysia and a branch in Singapore. The company distributes its policies through intermediaries and its online portal.
Operating Hours Monday to Thursday: 8.45am to 5.45pm and on Friday: 8.45am to 4.45pm
Address 100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702
Contact Numbers 6250 7388 (General)
Source of Information Based on company website
Insurance Market Insurer
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