Many things can happen that threaten the continuity of your business, such as fires, floods, claims from third parties that suffer damage or get injured as a result of your business activities, customers that do not pay their bills or employees who get injured on the job. It is important to make sure that your business is covered for those events that have the potential of seriously impacting the financial position (or even result in bankruptcy) of your business.

What insurance you need depends on the type of your business and finding the right insurance is a complex matter that requires experience and a detailed review of your business and the risks associated. At Insurance Market, we will not only help you to determine which insurance is suitable for you but also help you to negotiate terms and purchase it at the best price from reputable insurance companies.

Why Use Insurance Market?

Unlike insurance agents, Insurance Market is an independent insurance broker and acts only on behalf of clients. Our independence from insurance companies keeps us objective and dynamic and allows us the freedom to work only with those insurance companies that provide the best possible insurance solutions for our client.

How It Works

We work closely with you to ensure a detailed understanding of all aspects of your business. We provide advice on how to avoid or mitigate risks and negotiate the best terms and conditions for your insurance coverage with the insurance companies.

Our support continues on daily basis all through to the preparation and negotiations for the renewal. In case of a claim, we will assist you to ensure an expedient and fair settlement of the claim in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy.

A Selection of Corporate Insurances

Property Damage Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Marine Cargo and Hull Insurance

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Heavy Equipment Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Political Risks Insurance

Money, Fidelity and Crime Insurance

Event Cancellation Insurance

Jewellery Block and Specie Insurance

General and Products Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Not Listed Here? Contact Us

Employers liability insurance

Construction and Erection All Risks insurance

Machinery breakdown and consequential loss insurance

Surety bonds insurance

Equine (e.g. horse), live-stock, aqua cultures insurance

Cross Border Solutions

To optimally protect your interests, a controlled multinational master insurance programme may be the solution for you. It provides uniform insurance coverage in accordance with Corporate Standards of all your operations around the world. As it is negotiated centrally, it will provide additional benefits in terms of wider coverage and lower premium.

A lot of information has to be communicated and managed properly both centrally as locally. The global structure creates a need for interaction between local managers and the centralised insurance function and local advice from an experienced insurance broker will be required.

Insurance Market has a team of internationally seasoned insurance professionals with extensive experience in designing, placing and managing multinational insurance programmes

unisonsteadfast insurance brokersInsurance market is a member of UnisonSteadfast, a Global Alliance that brings together more than 350 independent insurance broking companies in over 130 countries and 20,000 insurance professionals committed and ready to provide advice and service to our Clients across 6 continents.

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  • Get discounts the moment they are live
  • Save time due to autofill of your info
  • 24/7 access to your policies online
  • Control your spend on insurances
  • We are based in Singapore
  • All your information is safe and secure