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What is Home Insurance?

That’s is a simple question you may think. Well, it actually is, but to many people it gets confusing very quickly. Home insurance happens to go by many names. To list but a few:

  1. Home insurance
  2. Property insurance
  3. Home owner insurance
  4. Fire insurance
  5. Home content insurance
  6. House insurance
  7. Tenant insurance
  8. Renters insurance
  9. Building insurance

So are these all the same and if not, what is the difference? 

The first 3 are the same. The most common name used in Singapore is actually “Home Insurance”. Fire is just one of the risks that is covered by all home insurances. So that deals with number 4. Numbers 5 to 8 are all what is commonly known as “home content insurances”. These policies only cover the content of a home (and not the structure, building or renovations). These policies are typically bought by people that do not own a property, but rent it. Owners also buy it, but then typically in combination with number 9: building insurance. Together these two are called “Home Insurance”, which brings us back to the start of the list.

Worthwhile to mention is that typically insurers include not only damage to home contents in the Home Content Insurance but some other benefits as well. The most important one is personal legal liability, which protects you from third party claims for damages that you and/or your family may be liable for. Another important difference is that some policies are “All Risk” and others “Covered Perils”. All Risk means everything is covered unless excluded and “Covered Perils Means that only what is expressly stated is covered. For a detailed comparison between up to 3 policies we have a handy tool. You can fill in the basic details above, press compare and select the policies that interest you on the next page and add them to our detailed comparison overview using the “Add to compare button”.

Why Should You Buy Home Insurance?

A home is for most people the largest investment they will ever make, either with savings or financed by a loan or mortgage. Repair or replacement could require a large amount of money. If you have a loan or mortgage, the lender may also require you to take out insurance.

Also, third party liability claims can easily run into amounts that can leave you bankrupt. Especially when bodily injury (or even death) is involved. Many home insurance policies provide cover for these claims.

How To Buy Home Insuranace Online?

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