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pet insurance

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Pet Insurance useful tips
Check out all the exclusions!
Many policies exclude diseases and conditions that specific breeds are prone to.
Microchipping is required.
It is a requirement that your pet be microchipped for most policies.
Lifetime coverage limit.
Some insurance plans only cover your pet up to a certain age due to age-related health problems.
Surgical vs. non-surgical cover.
Some policies cover eligible outpatient bills, as illnesses don’t always require surgery to be treated.
Safeguarding Our Best Companion!
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Find the policy that best fits your needs and your wallet. Review your options side by side.Depending on the age and race of your pet you may want to review different options
Financial Protection
Insurance Market
Get financial protection should you incur medical and surgical expenses due to illness or accidents. Did you know that you can also insure yourself for the legal liabilities you may encounter as a pet owner?
Value For Money
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Everybody and every pet is different. Choose a policy that provides you with best value for money. It is difficult to compare and that is why we help you. Our rating models provide you with a coverage score for each policy which indicates the quality of the coverage which you can then compare with the price.
Easy To Use
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We have made comparison easy and simple to understand. Go ahead and give it a try! If you still have questions then we are always happy to take your call. Just call us and speak to some of the most knowledgeable and experience insurance advisors in town.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Accident & theft with deductible

This type of insurance covers the pet for accidents, theft and third party liability. Deductible ranges from $150/- to $250/-. Claimable limits are imposed on the amount of time and money allowed for each accident or theft. There is a deductible of $1,000/- per claim for third party liability.

Accident, theft & medical with deductible and co-insurance

This type of insurance covers medical expenses for accidents and illnesses. The co-insurance applies to each incident for medical expenses claimed for illnesses. The co-insurance ranges from 30% to 50%. The deductible of $50/- is applicable for vet expenses incurred for accidental injury. There is a deductible of $500/- for third party liability. There is also a choice of 3 plans: Standard, Enhanced & Superior.

Accident, medical & specified medical conditions with deductible and co-insurance

This is the most comprehensive cover for medical expenses incurred for illnesses, injuries and accidents. Since it is a lifetime coverage, the pet is required to be medically examined by the vet, micro-chipped and had all the necessary vaccinations. It is subjected to the limits of the plan. There is a 20% of co-insurance and $250/- of deductible to be incurred by Pet parents. The cover for dogs starts from 16 weeks to below age 4. The Pet parents will enjoy 80% lifetime reimbursement for the pets. The cover includes specified hereditary and congenital conditions such as hip dysplasia. There are 3 levels of co-insurance for older dogs start from age 7 to below 9 years old when the Pet Parents enrolled. The Pet Parents will enjoy 60% reimbursement for life. As long as the dog has not crossed its 9th birthday, it is eligible to enrol for the plan. The plan even covers alternative treatment of acupuncture.

Choose the plan which is most suitable for your pet and your budget. It is cost-effective to enrol for the plan when the pet reaches 16 weeks old to take advantage of comprehensive lifetime coverage.

Pets are our family members but unfortunately like our family members, they may fall sick, get injured or meet with an accident. We have medical insurance while there is pet insurance for our pets. When the pet is stolen or lost, there are costs involved in search & retrieval of our pet. Pet Insurance can help with the costs involved.

Yes. In order to be eligible for the insurance, most insurers required the pet to be micro-chipped. An owner with a pet that is not micro-chipped will have to pay higher premium for the same cover for insurance from the insurer who accepts the application.

It is important to check out all the eligibility requirements stated by the insurer before committing to the insurance plan for your pet. If your pet is not spayed or neutered, there is no cover for illnesses related to prostate problems, hormonal skin problems, perineal hernia, testicular tumours, mammary tumours, uterine and ovarian conditions.

Yes. The breed of the dog matters to certain insurer but not to all insurers. The insurance coverage is for all types of dogs, except for the following breeds: Mastiffs, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Argentina Dog, Canary Dog, American Bulldog, or a dog crossed with any of these breeds and/or wolves. It need not be a pedigree.
We offer fast, simple and independent comparison of the insurance plans available in Singapore. It only takes a few minutes of your time to key in a few critical details of your pet to derive the quotes for you to consider.