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useful tips
Personal Accident Insurance
useful tips
Different from life insurance.
Supplements your life insurance does not replace it. Choose an amount suitable to your income level
Apply with your family.
Some insurers give a discount when you apply together with your spouse and even offer free coverage for children.
Occupation's risk exposure.
Personal accident products are designed based on your occupation's risk exposure.
Your Best Protection Against Accidents
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You can customise your own plan with flexible limits, affordable premiums and 24-hour worldwide protection. Accidents can happen anytime anywhere no matter how careful you are.
Many events included
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Compare policies and find out what exactly is included. There are a lot of differences between policies. Include food poisoning and infectious diseases.
Insurance Market
Spend a few minutes and compare carefully and know what you are buying. The differences between policies maybe seem small but the impact can be big.
Buy in time
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Make sure you buy before you turn 60, after that age many insurers do not accept new policies but will renew existing ones.
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