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Available International Health Insurance Policies

Currently, Insurance Market has the following International Health Policies available to compare and buy directly online:

Buy April International Health Insurance

April International Health

April Health Essential, from S$1,472.32

April Health Extensive, from S$1,595.37

April Health Elite, from S$1,911.02

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Buy Cigna International Health Insurance

Cigna International Health

Cigna Health Silver, from S$1,754.83

Cigna Health Gold, from S$2,193.53

Cigna Health Platinum, from S$2,741.92

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Testimonial International Health Insurance

What our customers say…

We didn’t get health insurance with both our jobs. We just compared different policies and our whole family is now covered for medical.

Cover and Benefits

If your current International Health insurance policy covers you in Singapore than you most likely do not have to change your policy.
It depends on the level of coverage. Read the policy wording and see if you find something missing. Some benefits like the selection of hospital and type of treatment are not always offered by local insurance providers.
Hospitalisation (inpatient benefits) refer to when a service requires you to stay in a hospital for more than 24 hours. Outpatient benefits refers to when a service requires you to stay in a hospital for less than 24 hours. The limits for each of the inpatient and outpatient benefit vary and are subject to an overall annual limit. Kindly take note of these in your policy schedule.
This is the amount that you pay for covered health care services before your insurance plan starts to pay. If you have opted for a S$5,000 deductible, you have to pay the first S$5,000 of covered services yourself if the service goes over the S$5,000 limit then the insurance company pays the remainder. On Insurance Market, you can select the amount of Deductible. Do take note that the amounts change per insurance company.

If you also have opted for co-insurance, then you pay after your deductible the percentage co-insurance for the covered services.

This is the percentage you can select when you fine-tune your policy. It is the percentage of costs of a covered health care service you pay yourself (for example 20%) after you’ve paid your deductible (if you have selected that). The remainder will be paid by the insurance company (80% in this example).
In the case of community rated plans, additional premiums would not be charged upon renewal even if claims are high. However, where the insured persons are rated individually, the renewal premium may vary. Therefore, kindly take note of how the plans are rated.
When your application is approved by the insurance company and you have accepted the underwriting terms if any and paid the premiums you will be covered.
You can include your family under the same application as yourself.
Most insurance companies provide an option between ‘Worldwide’ and ‘Worldwide excluding USA’ whereas some may exclude USA altogether. The premiums would vary accordingly. Kindly take a look at

General & Eligibility

Singapore has world-class medical facilities but medical expenses are running high hence health insurance reduces the risk of being financially burdened. Buying international health insurance further allows you to be covered elsewhere in the world.
It depends on the health insurance coverage that you have. Some travel policies cover medical expenses as well. Since you have moved to Singapore you are not on a holiday but are residing here and so that means you need to have an International Health insurance to be covered in your country of origin and Singapore.
There may be waiting periods for certain benefits under the plan. Examples of these may include pre-existing conditions, maternity benefits, inpatient psychiatric treatment etc. Kindly review your policy schedule and take note of this.
For most insurers, it is sufficient to give details of your medical history on your application form.
You will need to declare this information to the insurer, in some cases your existing illness would not be covered if there is a continuing need for treatment or would be covered after a waiting period. Please check out specific terms in the policy wording.
It is possible to have for every person a different policy and also at a different insurance company. In some cases, for the male one policy might work better and for the female, another insurance company might offer better benefits such as the maternity package in their policy.
Yes, there are entry and renewal age limits which can vary from insurer to insurer. Kindly refer to the policy wording to take note of the same.
The annual premium is fixed based on the age of the person and increases as the Insured person ages. However, there may be premium variations based on certain factors. These factors can include adjustments for medical inflation, claim profile (for individually rated plans) or due to changes made at the time of renewal.

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