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Compare and buy car insurance in Singapore? What you really need to know…..!

Believe it or not, to compare and buy car insurance in Singapore online is not always as easy as you might expect. There are quite a few sites out there that profess to be able to do this for you, but who at the end of the day cannot live up to their promise. Either they are price comparison sites where you can compare but not buy, or they have little or no choice or detail so that you cannot compare. A complaint often heard is that the prices that are indicated in the comparison are not the real and final prices and typically will have had to be adjusted upwards by the time you check out.

What is required to get real prices and to be able to buy on the spot?

For a site to be able to show you real prices they need to have a computer connection with the insurance company. This is called an API (google it!). So when you complete your detailed request on a serious site like ours, their/our computer connects to all insurers to ask for a real time prices based on your parameters and those of your car, the results of which are then instantly displayed to you. In Singapore not every comparison site has this computer connection and not all insurers are able to facilitate API’s either. The requirement goes beyond prices though. The comparison sites and insurers also have to be able to transact in the case where you accept one of the online quotations. For that separate API’s are required.

Which sites have real time prices and can transact?

To our knowledge only our site has API’s with several insurance companies that can provide both real time pricing and fulfilment. At present we can show and transact for 5 insurance companies and we are adding to the list every few months as and when insurance companies open up the capability. Eventually we will be able to show all of them, although there will always be insurers that do not like to be compared. We keep wondering why ………. Meanwhile go ahead and check out the capability that we have (above) and get some quotes for your car. Let’s us know how you fare and what we can do better. Together we are Insurance Market!


Car Insurance in Singapore FAQ's

What Coverage Type Choices Do I Have?

When you buy car insurance in Singapore you have 3 options. The the basic cover is Third Party Liability Insurance. This insurance protects you from claims for any loss, damage or injury by third parties and that you are responsible for.

The policy can be extended to include the risk of Fire and Theft of your own car.  Or you can buy Comprehensive Insurance, which also includes coverage for almost any kind of damage to your own car.

On top of these basic covers many insurers offer optional extensions. Common ones are cover for  windscreen damage, flood and windstorm, damage from riot, strike and civil commotion, personal accident and medical expenses for the driver and passengers.

Why Can I Not Find My Car Model?

We ask Singapore insurance companies to update and complete their make and model tables constantly. Some insurers have a more extensive list of car makes and models than others and therefore some models will be missing. As a consequence we can sometimes show you more quotes than the other. If you cannot find a certain car model, then we would love to hear from you so we can investigate why you have been unable to find it and get you the quotes you need as soon as possible.

How To Compare?

  • Complete the fields at the top of this page and press the orange button
  • On the next page we will show you the policies available that match your requirements.
  • Next you can compare and fine-tune the policy of your liking
  • When you have decided which policy you would like to buy we will ask you to provide a few additional details upon which you can check-out with your credit card
  • Upon payment we will immediately send you the policy by email. You can also login to Insurance Market any time and review or download your policy or any other insurance documents.
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  • Get discounts the moment they are live
  • Save time due to autofill of your info
  • 24/7 access to your policies online
  • Control your spend on insurances
  • We are based in Singapore
  • All your information is safe and secure