Become A Broker Representative

Become A Broker Representative

Joining the BRP and product training is free. Fellow Broker Representatives are also around to provide guidance and advice.

Unlimited Opportunities With Merit-based Rewards

As a Broker Representative, enjoy flexible working hours with full control over your career achievements.

Services that Empower and Meet Customer Needs

Help customers choose the best and most suitable insurance policy to protect themselves and their loved ones.

All You Need To Know About Our Broker Representative Program

It’s a unique and innovative direct sales program developed by Insurance Marker to leverage the untapped expertise and entrepreneurship in our community to help us grow our company and shape the future of insurance services in Singapore. We designed the Program using the best elements of other successful and respected direct sales programs

The Why How What

Is this a part-time or full-time business opportunity?

That is entirely up to you. You can work as little or as much as you’d like to suit your individual needs. There is a small minimum annual sales quota in order to remain active in the program but it is set low enough to accommodate those that wish to participate on a part-time basis.

Are there any special skills, personality or experience requirements?

No special skills, personality or experience are needed, however; it would be expected that partners would generally be naturally outgoing and personable and be able to easily approach people they don’t know to talk about the general insurance

What kind of individual might be interested in building a personal business based on selling Insurance Market's services

BRP Consultants could come from all walks of life; different backgrounds, education, income levels, nationalities, etc. There are no real requirements other than an interest in generating additional income and a willingness to leverage or create opportunities to offer Insurance Market in an informed and professional manner. We see our Partner Program as empowering a new class of entrepreneurs, unlocking the untapped expertise and passion within the market.

Do you provide any special training or support tools?

Yes, we have developed a casual, yet comprehensive training program that will ensure you obtain the entire technical, product and sales knowledge you require to be successful. Once you are active in the program, there will be recurring support calls or chats and all program materials will be available to you online. In addition, our Partner Program leadership team is always available to assist and support you at any time.

What are the benefits as Consultant?

Besides providing complementary training for you Insurance Market values every Broker Representative. We hold many challenges for active BRP to generate more sales lead and events exposure in a year.
We give out Quarterly Bonus which no other platform does.
Also, each active BRP is given the chance to qualify for our fully paid annual Incentive Trip. You will be rewarded as per your effort. You are never alone in this program as you’ll have strong BRP team support.

Is there a career path, would I have the chance for promotion to higher positions or levels?

Absolutely. Our current career paths allows you to advance through seven progressively more senior levels, how far you go and how quickly you get there is entirely up to you. Also, we have a few new complimentary programs in the works which will provide you with additional career choices and opportunities for advancement.


I’d like to become a Insurance Marker BRP, how do I enrol in the program?

Most new prospective Partners will first attend one of our convenient Information Sessions to learn how the program works and sure that the opportunity is right for them, however; some new prospects may already be very familiar with the direct sales program model and decide to enrol directly into our BRP Training Program. Either way, we require that everyone sign up for the program through the ‘Register Now’ section of our web portal.

If I decide to join as BRP, is there any type of formal agreement or contract I need to complete?

Yes, all new Partners or ‘Broker Representatives’ as they’re called, are required to complete and sign a Consultant Agreement form in order to formalize their enrolment. This allows us to ensure that all new Consultants have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of our program, however; there is no commitment or obligation beyond that

Is there any kind of cost or fee to enrol?

No, we do not charge an enrolment fee and there is no cost or investment required to become a Partner.


Is this a full commission program?

Yes, it is, and our compensation plan is an unique and lucrative; you will have the opportunity to earn as little or as much as you’d like depending on your desire and your commitment

Is your compensation plan similar to other direct sales organisations?

Yes, our plan is generally based on similar sales programs, however; we’ve incorporated the best elements from many different programs and then customized them to ensure that they are lucrative for our Partners at every career level.


  • Get discounts the moment they are live
  • Save time due to autofill of your info
  • 24/7 access to your policies online
  • Control your spend on insurances
  • We are based in Singapore
  • All your information is safe and secure

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  • Get discounts the moment they are live
  • Save time due to autofill of your info
  • 24/7 access to your policies online
  • Control your spend on insurances
  • We are based in Singapore
  • All your information is safe and secure