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We are Insurance Market

We help you to protect yourself and your loved ones

About Insurance Market

In the confusing and sometimes opaque world of insurance, Insurance Market acts as the pathfinder for consumers to find the insurance best suited to their needs.

As an online insurance broker, Insurance Market brings customers a reliable, smooth digital insurance experience, offering personalised choice, clarity, convenience and control.

We guide customers to those policies that are most suitable to their needs, we compare them against similar policies for pricing and coverage and let customers transact online and be covered within minutes.

Our rigorous rating model and algorithms do the analysis and numbers crunching, better than any person can do, but the human touch is there when needed.

We make the whole insurance selection, buying and management process simple and quick.

Insurance Market is digitally connected with 15+ insurers and makes that connectivity available to other insurance distributors as well, making it a hub in contemporary digital insurance distribution.

Next to personal insurance also we also help Companies with their Corporate Insurance needs. Via selected partners we offer their customers access to Insurance Market.

“InsurancePostUK: calls us one of the 7 Asian insurtech start-ups to watch!”

How to Compare and Buy Insurance on our platform?

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3. Compare

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5. Buy Online

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Our Promise to You

Unbiased Advice

We take people and the notion of sales and commissions out of the equation to eliminate biased advice. We are able to do this by applying our rating models and analysis when we compare across different types of insurance policies in Singapore. We gather all the important information and do the number crunching that is needed for you. We then recommend the best policies for you to choose from.

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Easy to understand

Confused? Feeling trapped? Not sure what the countless pages of policy conditions are trying to say? We get it. That’s why we translate complicated and jargon-filled fineprint into an online comparison experience like no other broker would. So you can check off “understanding my insurance policy” from your to-do list as quickly as possible!

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With you all the way

We don’t just compare. We provide you with a free online insurance account where you can keep track and manage on your policies anytime anywhere. No more messy binders and piles of paper. All your policies available online and kept neatly in one safe place available when you need it.

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Best Value for Money

A cheap policy may not turn out to provide the level of cover you require or think you are getting, and worst, may cost you a lot at the end of the day. We compare insurers not only on price levels but with use sophisticated algorithms to give you a quick score that makes the quality of their coverage comparable.

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Easy to Use

Buying insurance is now a breeze. It is as easy as booking your next airline ticket or hotel room online. The whole process only takes minutes and is transparent, instant and complete. Our platform works on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Personalised Choice

All of us are different and have our own unique needs. Suitable Travel Insurance for one person may not necessarily be the best policy for another, even if they are going to the same location. Insurance Market recommends the best travel insurance policies, based on your personal requirements and preferences.

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Our Vision on Insurance

  • Insurance Market helps individuals to find and buy the insurance policies they truly need by offering superior choices and useful information
  • We let people do this in an easy and convenient manner, no matter the circumstance or background
  • With the industry and its stakeholders, we aim to build a collaborative relationship aimed at contributing efficiency and customer-oriented

Our Team

Otbert de Jong

Otbert de Jong
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jeremiah Tan

Jeremiah Tan
Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Kumseng Wong

Kumseng Wong
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Alexis van Dam

Nelius Strydom
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Alexis van Dam

Alexis van Dam
Customer Experience

Read more about our experts on our media page.

Our Non Executives

Simon Machell

Simon Machell

Simon Machell

Dick van Motman
Non executive


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