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Helpermatch is now Ministry of Helpers!

Logo change

Dear member,

About 1 year ago we started Helpermatch, a safe and dependable platform to find the best job as a domestic worker and with the right employer. Helpermatch has been growing rapidly. Until Covid-19 hit and the movement of helpers came more or less to a standstill. That has created the opportunity for us to focus a bigger and better version. We are excited about all the new functionality that you will be able to enjoy soon.

We have rebranded Helpermatch into Ministry of Helpers.

Our new site will go live very soon. We will notify you when the new site is live. We will de-commision Helpermatch and transfer your file to Ministry of Helpers. Your login will not change and as a member of Helpermatch you will continue to be able to use the services of Ministry of helpers free of charge.

Ministry of Helpers will no longer be only a matching service

After we help you find the right helper/job, we also help you to complete the rest of the hiring process, and that is not all! With our app you can continue to manage your employment affairs and relationships.

We will keep you abreast of things and help you to manage your affairs efficiently, timely, accurately and well informed. All your information and documents are securely stored securely for when you need them. All totally private and organised in a way to help you remember when to take actions such as taking a medical, renewing a work pass or extending your contract.

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