Etiqa Travel Insurance (eProtect Travel) Overview 2021

Etiqa travel insurance ( eProtect Travel )

Etiqa travel insurance ( eProtect Travel ) is one of the cheapest travel insurance options in Singapore. Travelers seeking wallet-friendly travel insurance plans can benefit from Etiqa’s plans. Continuing to be one of the cheapest insurance plans in Singapore for a trip to Asia. Etiqa has great prices that will provide ample coverage for most travelers.Learn about Etiqa Travel Insurance Singapore Review and Promotions. However, if your standard is comprehensive coverage of medical equipment or travel, you may not be able to get the coverage you need. 

Etiqa is also ahead in innovation as the first insurer in the Singapore market to provide automatic real-time flight approvals, meaning you can be paid for your flight delays once they occur.

Different Type of Etiqa Travel Plan

Etiqa travel insurance sold under the Etiqa eProtect Travel brand.

  1. Basic
  2. Economy
  3. Business

Below, we have a summary of Etiqa’s coverage and prices.

Travel insurance plan Basic Economy Business
Price for 1 week (ASEAN) $40.59 $54 $72.94
Price for 1 week (Asia) $42.59 $66 $88.88
Price for 1 week (worldwide) $61 $91.63 $134.20
Medical expenses (overseas) $200,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Emergency medical evacuation $1,500,000 $1,500,000 $1,500,000
Personal accident (death & TPD) $200,000 $300,000 $400,000
Travel delay ($50 every 3 hours) $300 $500 $800
Trip cancellation $5,000 $10,000 $15,000
Baggage delay ($100 every 6 hours) $200 $200 $200
Baggage loss/damage $2,000 $3,000 $5,000
Adventure activities covered Yes Yes Yes

Learn about different Etiqa Travel Insurance Plans .


According to some outdoor traveler, “Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.”

 Most of the traveler loves to go on outdoor activities that are why Etiqa travel insurance is great for outdoor types and adventure junkies because of a range of outdoor activities covered. However, there is no option for sports equipment coverage. Here are some of the activity covered by Etiqa.

Outdoor activity Covered by Etiqa
Hot air balloon Yes
Scuba diving Yes
Skiing and other ice/snow sports Yes
Hiking or trekking Yes (up to 3,000m)
Marathons or other competitions Yes (but not ultramarathons, biathlons, triathlons)
Skydiving Yes
Paragliding, hang gliding or parachuting Yes
Bungee jumping Yes

 There is an amazing world out there for you to explore. Jump with the knowledge that the right travel insurance policy will keep you safe as you do.

 Etiqa Travel Insurance Promotion

The 51% off single trip insurance puts the whole harm for a week’s value of coverage in ASEAN at just $19.89. This is a fantastic price because the market rate for basic plans is close to $ 25. When you apply for a free inflight plan with $50,000, the personal accident was covered. Add-on flight delay benefits to the free in-flight plan from just $4. Alternatively, simply purchasing any of their comprehensive plans to enjoy full coverage and protection.

How to get your Claims 

Emergency hotline: Call the Allianz Global Assistance emergency assistance hotline at +65 6327 2215 (Allianz is Etiqa’s emergency support provider)

Online claims: Fill in and submit documents through the Etiqa travel claim form here.

Hard copy claims: You can download a claim form from the offline forms download centre and mail with supporting documents to Etiqa Insurance Pte Ltd, One Raffles Quay, #22-01 North Tower, Singapore 048583.

Things to note: You can opt to open a TiqConnect e-wallet for faster claims turnaround. Etiqa claims that their travel claims can be processed and paid as quickly as one day through this instant payment service, as opposed to a cheque which takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Etiqa have 24 hours worldwide emergency travel support. In some review, they say that. Etiqa has been great to deal with. It is easy to connect to Etiqa customer service especially via email, especially when they overseas and needing help on what to do when a claim needed to be made. The service officers are prompt in their response that made email correspondence so important during a claims situation.

Their claim groups are liable for ensuring that all genuine and legitimate claims from their policies are honored and settled accurately, promptly, professionally through their seamless claims solutions.

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Q1. Who can apply for ePROTECT travel insurance?

Permanent Resident of Singapore
Foreigner with valid Work Pass
Foreigner with valid Student Pass
Foreigner with valid Dependant’s Pass
Foreigner with valid Long-term Visit Pass

Q2. What are the types of plan available?

Trip type: Single or Annual Multi-Trip (recommended for frequent travellers)
Plan type: Individual, Family or Group
Benefit type: Inflight, Basic, Economy or Business
Inflight is not available for Annual Multi-Trip or Group application.

Q3. What is a Group Plan?

A travel insurance Policy issued to you in respect of the Insured Persons named in the Schedule who are travelling as a group, with a maximum of 10 insured persons. If you have more than 10 insured persons, we will recommend for you to apply for 2 (or more) Group Plans (as required) (E.g. 18 insured persons will require 2 Group Plans).
The Insured Persons under the Group Plan must travel together on a Trip.
Group Plan is only available for Single Trip.

Q4. If I already have a comprehensive plan, do I still need to apply for Inflight benefit?

All our comprehensive plans (Basic/Economy/Business) include coverage for your inflight journey and travel delay, thus it is not required for you to apply for the inflight benefit if you already have a comprehensive plan with us.

Q5. Can I apply for ePROTECT travel insurance if I am above 70 years old?

If you are 70 years old and above, you are welcome to apply given that there are reduced travel insurance benefits for Personal Accident, Medical Expenses Incurred Overseas and in Singapore, and Act of Terrorism Cover.

Q6. Are there any exclusions under ePROTECT travel insurance?

Yes, there are exclusions such as pre-existing illnesses, hazardous occupations or those who participate in professional high-risk sports.
We also do not cover the following countries: Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan and Syria.
Please refer to our Policy Wording for more details.

Q7. Can I extend the period of cover if I decide to extend my trip whilst overseas?

Please contact Etiqa friendly Customer Care consultants for further advice.

Q8. How can I get emergency travel assistance when I am overseas?

As a policyholder, you are entitled to the following free travel assistance services provided by Allianz Global Assistance . To access the service, simply dial the Emergency Services Hotline at +65 6327 2215 and quote your Policy Number. Consultation is free. Other third-party costs and expenses are covered under this Policy subject to the terms and conditions provided in the Policy Wording.
Our Travel Information and Emergency Assistance Services comprise the following:
Pre-Trip Information Services
Inoculation Requirements & Visa Requirements
24-hours Emergency General Travel Assistance (English & Mandarin)
Embassy Referral
Loss Luggage Assistance
Loss Passport Assistance
Emergency Message Transmission Assistance
Interpreter Referral
Telephone Medical Advice
Medical Service Provider Referral
Arrangement of Appointment with Local Doctors
Arrangement of Hospital Admission
Guarantee of Medical Expenses Incurred
Monitor Medical Condition during Hospitalization with Attending Physician

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