Is Playing Golf Insured Under Your Travel Insurance Plan 2019?

In 2016 Singapore received a staggering 16 million tourists who spent over S$ 24.8 billion according to the Singapore Tourism Board. These were all record setting numbers for Singapore. Travel has become an essential part of Singapore’s economy and tourism is at an all-time high. One of Singapore’s attractions are the amazing resorts and golf courses. This has brought over millions of people to play golf and relax on the beach watching the sunset.Is Playing Golf Insured Under Your Travel Insurance Plan?

When do you need Golf Insurance?

Travel Insurance can cover a broad spectrum of incidents. Most policies will ensure injuries and medical expenses up to a certain payout level. Some will cover more than others. Some insurance companies also cover golf specific incidents as a part of their Travel Insurance plans. However, Travel Insurance will only cover for your golfing as part of your travelling period.

Here is the deal:

That means that if you have a single trip Travel Insurance plan to Indonesia. Your golf equipment and other golf-related matter will be covered when you are travelling in Indonesia. Playing golf at for example Marina Bay Golf Course is not covered. It doesn’t matter if you have a single trip or annual plan, in both cases golfing in Singapore won’t be covered.

If you have an annual Travel Insurance and golfing is part of that coverage it will stay on no matter where you go. Golfing has been around for centuries and is an extremely popular past time. On average, people spend around S$2500 on equipment and S$3500 annually on golfing related expenses according to SmartAsset. This makes golfing one of the more expensive hobbies and losing or breaking a club can mean serious money. So we buy insurance for those What-if moments and those misfortunate events.


If you only play golf in Singapore, it is best to buy dedicated golf insurance. If you only play golf on holiday, you might be better off choosing a Travel Insurance plan covering golf.

What could be covered by Travel Insurance?

Specific Travel Insurances that cover golf equipment are designed to help cover the cost of your equipment if it is damaged, lost or stolen. Insurance policies also cover injuries and damages caused to people or their property through liability cover. When most people think of injuries and damages in sports, golf isn’t the first one to come to mind. However, golf balls and clubs do end up hitting cars and people causing serious injuries and damages. Clubs are also extremely valuable and are lost, stolen, or broken quite often.

Travel Insurance that covers golfing, does help cover a large array of fees that you probably didn’t think about. Such as tournament fees, trophies/ medals being stolen or damaged, being too sick to play, and a round of drinks if you sink a hole-in-one!  

What coverage can you expect for golf?

The whole idea of insurance covering a hole-in-one is baffling at first, but it is quite useful. It is traditional for the person who hits a hole-in-one to buy everyone present a round of drinks. Most people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a hole-in-one celebration. So the fact that most insurance companies will cover a majority of the expenses is helpful.

Want to know the best part?

Some companies even offer an international option. This includes access to golf ranges and driving ranges all around the world. Others will offer to pay for your abroad trip in specific countries. Just make sure to always check if the country you want to visit is on their list. China, Thailand, and the Philippines are increasingly popular destinations for golf lovers. These areas get heavy traffic during the holidays and offer great deals for those looking to golf.

Golfing is popular in South East Asia

According to a study done by The Straits Times, worldwide spending on golf was expected to be S$2.59 billion dollars. This includes anything from professional and amateur sponsorships like tournaments, charity fundraisers, corporate hospitality, and endorsements. The golfing industry host thousands of tournaments a year such as the Asian Tour’s which is televised to over 750 million households in 180 countries. The tournament itself is played in over 15 Asian countries and territories making it one of the largest golf tours in the world. This means plenty of people are playing golf all around the world and this number will only increase.

For those who want to play regularly, they will need to look for a local membership. Local memberships can range pretty drastically and require different things from their members. Higher end club membership in Singapore can cost over S$50,000 annually! This surprisingly is also the cost of a Sentosa Golf Club membership. Other cheaper courses will only run you S$100 per visitor S$1000 for a year membership. However, keep in mind the more you pay, the more you get out of your membership and the more it pays for. Some golf courses will charge insurance coverage and the hole-in-one fee in the membership.

Coverage for golf in Travel Insurance plans

Golfing is one of the more expensive hobbies to pick up. If you play golf abroad make sure to have a look at your current Travel Insurance plan if you have golf coverage. The below image shows three annual Travel Insurance plan that covers golf.

If you are buying a new single trip plan for a golf trip or an annual travel plan, make sure to compare the golf coverage.

How to find golf coverage?

Take these steps to find out:

  1. Surf to
  2. Compare and buy Travel Insurance
  3. Decide on single trip or annual plan cover
  4. Fill in when and where
  5. Compare the plans
  6. Select on the left: “policies must include” either personal and/ or rented golf equipment

ERGO travel Insurance , AXA travel Insurance , Tokio Marine travel Insurance , Eq Travel insurance , Sompo travel Insurance ,MSIG travel Insurance , AIG travel Insurance covers Golf related travel insurance benefits .

What is the bottom line?

You never want to be in a situation where you don’t know if you are covered. Use Insurance Market to compare different Travel Insurance plans offering golf coverage.

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