What are the options for Dog daycare in Singapore available in 2020?

Dog day care in Singapore -Peace of mind 9 to 6

There are few options to looks after your Dog when you are out for work like the Techy Pawrent Option or  Dog day care in Singapore.After a long tiring day at work, you reach home and find yet another doormat or shoe chewed up by dear lil fido. You’re fuming, and your attempts to condition your dog with the usual “Bad dog, that’s the 10th mat you’ve chewed up this month!” seems to be falling on deaf flappy puppy ears. But then again, how can anyone ever stay angry with those cute puppy eyes?

And so the cycle continues…

If it’s a family dog and there is someone always at home then great. At least there is some help to expend your dog’s energy during the day. 

But as a working professional, how are you able to have a peace of mind while you’re grinding out in the office with your dog alone at home? 

Yes, you may bring him for walks in the morning, spoil him with his favourite toys to play for the day but you still have absolutely no control of what mischief or worst still, danger he potentially might get into.

Thanks to technology and entrepreneurship, we now have 2 next best options to consider.

Option 1 – The Techy Pawrent Option

Install a CCTV.

There are tons of affordable, wireless security camera’s in the market now which offers very useful features such as 2 way intercom, night vision, monitoring alerts and 360 view.

One such cam is the Xiaomi 360 Camera which ranges around $40-$60 depending on which online store you opt for and the promotion/ coupon code that there is available.

The 2 way intercom is exceptionally good for when you are at your office desk and you spot your dog live on the MiHome app via your smartphone trying to reach for that ant trap you got hidden at the far back end of the cupboard. With a push of a button you can shout out for him to “Leave it!” and watch him get distracted from the poison and start searching around the house for you after hearing your voice. Human 1, Dog 0.

Option 2 – Dog Day care in Singapore

If you dont know already know that such facilities do exits then yes. There are actually quite a number of reputable Doggy Daycare facilities scattered all around Singapore. 

Quite possibly stemming from the time when friends/ neighbours used to help look after our fur kids for us, it has now developed into a full-fledged business with state of the art “Nursery/ Academy” for dogs.

Couple of things that you might want to consider whilst embarking on your search:

1. Your dog breed –  is it big/ small, does it require lots of exercise? Do you need to be cautious of outdoor exercises for dogs that might be more prone to heat stroke/ breathing difficulties ( for short snout dogs). How is his temperament? Is it friendly with other dogs/ humans?

The best person to know all this information is – you, the owner. No one else. So do ensure that you pair the right facility to your breed of puppy. A cute chihuahua might not exactly fit into a renowned daycare/training school for German Shepherds. The health of your pet should be a priority when scouting for such facility. The last thing you would want is for your pet dog to fall ill and chalk up hefty vet bills for a facility that could have been avoided entirely. Most centres also will conduct a preliminary interview/ trial to see if your dog will be able to fit in to the class/ environment. Even with all the caution and pre checks, I have heard of bad-ass dogs getting expelled from a particular Doggy school. Don’t be disheartened though, with abit more attention and consistency, your dog will be able to join the pack soon enough.

2. Location/ Transport –  there are quite a few Doggy Daycare that are located around Singapore. From the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio to the more central and trending ones at Dempsey or Serangoon Gardens. Location would be important if you’re planning to drop them off daily yourself or alternatively you can check if they provide a car-pool/ doggy school bus service for dogs around their vicinity.

If you dont have transportation then you might want to consider a facility within your radius. If the centre does not provide transport services, you can consider engaging a Pet Taxi for regular pickup and drop offs or perhaps a GrabPet for a one off trip.

3. Vaccination – most centres generally require your dog to be fully vaccinated and up to date with their annual jabs. If you’re not keen on annual jabs, some centres are ok as long as you are able to provide documentation of a titer test showing that your dog has a healthy count of antibodies. Some centres might even require you to further get a Bordetella Vaccination ( For Kennel Cough). It would also be in your best interest to have your dog on some form of flea & tick control as your dogs will now be exposed to other dogs coming in from different environments.

If you have not already done so, it is good to secure your dog with a Pet Insurance for your furkids ( yes there is such a policy as well) You never know of any accident or outbreaks that might occur at the centres. Just like a normal childcare facility, there have been known to be outbreaks where viruses were brought into the centre unknowingly. Or even an instance where another dog might have a change of mood that fine day and accidentally nipped your dog out of sheer animal instinct. No one can predict such mishaps and the centres themselves usually have a certain clause/ disclaimer and insurance policy to protect them of such occurrence. If you need help to explore the different types of policies available, you may learn more and compare the different types of dog insurance available here

4. Facilities – Some centre’s provide different types of itinerary which can consist of a swim in their indoor/outdoor pool and scheduled walks depending on their curriculum. Different stages of obedience training ranging from the basic Sit, Stay & Down to the more advance heelwork are also available as an Add-On or ECA ( Extra Curricular Activity). Other additional services that might be of interest to you are grooming facilities, transport services, overnight boarding amenities with Live Camera feeds

Whatever the case is, should you decide to enrol your pupper for Doggy Daycare. You can be rest assured that your dogs are generally in safe and professional hands. And when you return home from a nice long day at work, you will have a happy, healthy and well exhausted puppy waiting to greet you.

A few Daycare centres to get you started…

The Snuggery @ Serangoon Gardens

DayCare Cost – $40-$50

Other services available: Grooming, Training, Swimming & Transport ( for DayCare packages only)

Straits Dog @ Kalidasa Ave

DayCare Cost – $55- $75

Other services available: Grooming, Swimming, Overnight Boarding

Ginny & Friends @SpringLeaf Thomon

DayCare Cost – $35 – $40

Other services: Grooming, Overnight Boarding & Transport

Pet Insurance for your research

MSIG/ AON Happy Tails – Cost: $300*


Lifetime coverage

Only insurer to cover some congenital conditions

Covers chemotherapy 

Covers all dog and cat breeds

Comprehensive surgical medical benefit


20% to 40% co-insurance + $250 deductible applies to all claims

No coverage for funeral expenses (only Furry, and Furball plans cover it) 

No coverage for non-surgical medical expenses

No coverage for pre-existing and congenital conditions

No coverage for theft

Liberty PetCare Standard via Insurance Market – Cost: $297.50*


No Medical Examination required. No claim discount of up to 15% to reward healthy pets. Coverage of up to 70% of eligible vet bills arising from illness or accidents, up to $10,000 each year. Freedom to use any vet. Covers surgical & non-surgical expenses. Able to insure dogs of up to 9years old. Low Deductibles at $50 for accidental injuries and 3rd party liability


Co-Payment of Vet Expenses ( Surgical/ Non Surgical) for Medical Claims. Does not cover Death by Illness

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