What Expats Should Know About Moving A Pet To Singapore in 2019?

You decided to move to Singapore. Well, what happens when you have a pet? Especially a dog or cat? If you are considering an international move and plan on bringing your pet along, you should read this post. We highlight what you should do in the four stages: pre-departure, while in the air when you land and afterwards. After reading this article you will be up to speed what to do when moving a pet to Singapore.
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Moving A Pet To Singapore

Singapore is a country that is known for its cleanliness and hygiene. So it’s no wonder Singapore has a lot of rules for bringing your pet(s) into the country. A great place to find all the information you’ll need is Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority Singapore (AVA). The AVA will provide all the information you will need to help get your furry little friend in. Every person should go through the checklist the AVA provides and fill it out before booking plane tickets. The AVA goes into great detail about every step needed, but here we will go over the highlights and main points.


The first thing anyone should do is check if the breed of dog/ cat you have is allowed in Singapore. Similar to most countries Singapore has an extensive list of the banned breed of animals.

There is also a strict rabies control that is in place. Pet owners need to confirm the rabies risk category of your country. The AVA holds up a national standard for vaccinations and rabies blood tests which also must be met before entering.

Depending on what type of pet you own, you might be required to reserve a spot for quarantine and dogs must be licensed with an AVA Import License and obtain a Singapore Customs clearance. This can all be done online [link] and must be completed prior to your departure. If you wish to have your pet in a nice air-conditioned room for quarantine a 2-month advance notice prior to your entry into Singapore is required.

Before leaving your country of origin, you must obtain a veterinary health certificate (from a local provider using the AVA’s template). To help this out more inform AVA’s border control station about arrival date and time at least 5 days in advance. [link 2 form]

This process is to help streamline the inspection of your animal on arrival. Some animals have no need for quarantining and can pass right through. However, if your pet is a dog or a cat you won’t be one of them.

While in the air

All airlines have their own specific requirements and restrictions, so it is important to research and make sure you meet all their aspects. This is not something to be done last minute so get familiar with what is required.

At the minimum, a cage is required for most pets. The cage should be large enough for your pet to stand, lay, sit, and turn comfortably. This is very important because animals can suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Take some time and get your pet a nice cage prior to flying. You can keep your pet best occupied by using toys, nice bedding, and snacks.

You should also check on your current Pet Insurance if international travel and benefits are provided.

When you land

Once you land in Singapore, your pet will have to be taken to the quarantine zone for inspection. This will last for 30 days and if your pet is a dog it will receive a rabies shot during this time period. This may sound like a troublesome process to leave your pet behind, but you can visit your pet wherever you want!  You can even walk your dog when you visit. They are exercised regularly, fed, watered and it is well known the workers genuinely care about your pet’s well-being. After you have done all the above taking out Pet Insurance is a smart thing to do, hence for some dogs you need to have Pet Insurance. Before you do read what you need to consider before buying Pet Insurance.

We are almost done!

After the 30-day quarantine period, you should be ready to live in Singapore. This is assuming you received a full clean bill of health and are ready to go. Before you pick up your pet and are reunited with them remember that before moving into a residence requires a pet license. This can be done online or at the AVA office when a lease is signed.

For all dog owners, as soon as you have made it past all the other checkpoints Singapore requires, you need to get your dog microchipped. This is necessary for registering and tracking purposes. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is placed under your dog’s skin. The microchip has a unique number and is registered and tracked under an international database. This helps protect your dog in the event of theft or illegal sale.

After you have gone through all of this and completed the process you should be ready to start your new life in Singapore with your furry little friend. Just remember, getting around with your pet in Singapore isn’t as easy or straightforward as it seems. Read up and research all you can so your pet and you can adapt well to the new environment.


Number 9, Pet Insurance on the checklist you can do directly. You can fill out the questions on the right and compare different Pet Insurance plans directly.

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