Sompo Personal Accident (Sompo PA Star) Overview 2020

Be fully equipped for the unforeseen with Sompo Personal Accident! Your active lifestyle is important to you. And to ensure you go everywhere with confidence, you can go for  Sompo PA Star to protect you against the unforeseen. One cannot predict when an accident will happen, but one can be prepared for life’s uncertainties. Equip yourself and your loved ones with Sompo Personal Accident – a complete personal accident insurance plan and celebrate joyous moments and go on life’s new adventures with peace of mind.

A personal accident star is one of the 3 pre-packaged plans with different limits that will meet your needs and budget. The plan also offers the added flexibility of increasing coverage with top-up units.

Why take Sompo PA star personal accident insurance anyway?

Personal accident insurance plans are designed to give you or your loved ones financial support ( for if you die in an accident or become permanently disabled). It will also at some extent take care of your medical expenses.

Different policies are going to cover you in slightly different ways, it’s helpful to know the best type of Personal Accident coverage policies.

Accidental death: In the insured passes away within a time limit (usually 12 months) from the date of an accident, then his/her family members will receive a payout worth 100% of the sum insured. It must be proven that the death was due to an accident and not from natural causes or an illness or injury.

TPD (Total permanent disability): in TDP, if the insured gets disabled seriously enough to qualify as permanently and totally disabled within a time limit (usually 12 months) from the date of an accident, then (s)he will receive a lump sum payment. Cases to be considered as permanently and totally disabled are – loss of sight in both eyes, loss of both hands and feet,  or any combination of the above, or loss of hearing and speech. As the claimer is no longer be able to work in any job.

Temporary disability: If the claimer is disabled as a result of an accident for just a temporary period but are unable to work during that period, he/she might be eligible for benefits till the time he/she recovered properly to work again.

These types of benefits are usually given in weekly cash payouts for up to 104 weeks.

If the claimer is suffering from a total temporary disability that makes him completely unable to work in that case he/she is eligible for the full sum of temporary disability benefits.

In case claimer able to perform duties at work partially then will get only a fraction of the temporary disability benefits.

Medical expenses: Insure can make claims for medical expenses arising as a result of an accident.

Note: coverage is paltry compared to what is offered by health insurance, and many types of treatments are excluded.

Daily hospital cash benefit: Sompo Personal Accident policies offer a daily allowance for each day when you hospitalised because of an accident up to 60 days and due to 17 specified infectious diseases.

Medical evacuation: In this, if the insured gets into an accident while overseas, some PA Star Policies will pay for the cost of an emergency evacuation or repatriate your body back to Singapore if you die.

Parents’ Cover: Upto 4 parents including parents-in-law will get an amount of S$25,000 if both insured adults are covered under the same Sompo PA Star plan

Education Fund: In this case, the insured children upon the accidental death of the insured self or insured spouse will get the S$25,000 as of an education fund.

Highlights of Sompo Personal Accident Insurance Plan:

Double indemnity: For accidental death in a traffic accident where the insured person is a passenger or in a fatal accident involving both self and spouse.

Marriage and baby allowances:  $100 marriage bonus and $100 per newborn child.

Chinese physician & chiropractor treatments: Up to $1,000 per accident

Buy or Rent mobility aids: Up to $4,000 per accident for crutches, wheelchairs, etc.

24-hour worldwide protection: Access Sompo PA star 24-hour emergency assistance hotline at any time, stay protected against accidents.

Free extension coverage: Sompo Personal accident insurance plan provides free extension coverage for food poisoning, accidental miscarriage, etc.

Staycation & ticket cancellation: up to $100 per event due to hospitalisation.

Double hospitalisation allowance: if the insured person is warded in ICU due to an accident. For up to 50 days

Full terrorism cover: Up to $500,000 in sum insured

Guard against 17 infectious diseases: Sompo PA star covers the medial  expenses for treatment of diseases such as dengue fever, hfmd, h1n1, zika, etc.

Facial Disfigurement & Reconstructive Surgery is covered upto S$35,00

The premiums of Sompo PA star is segregated as per the classes

  1. Class 1 person are those engaged in indoor and non manual work in non-dangerous places.
  2. Class 2 person are engaged in outdoor, supervisory or occasional manual work not include the use of tool or machinery and at non dangerous place.
  3. Class3 persons are engaged in manual work not dangerous in nature but include the usage of tools or machinery.

Premium per Insured Adult







Class 1






Class 2






Class 3







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