SOMPO Maid Insurance (Sompo MaidEase) Overview 2020

Sompo Maid Insurance (Sompo MaidEase)

Sompo Maid Insurance comes under name MaidEase.MaidEase is a modern plan that ensures you and your domestic helper are well covered from the costs that come from unexpected events. As an employer of a domestic helper, what better way to show your appreciation for everything they did for you and your family than MaidEase?

Key Highlights

• No waiting period Coverage starts after the maid has cleared the Immigration of Singapore with an In-Principle Approval from MOM or holds a valid work permit

• PRE-EXISTING conditions covered if maid has been continuously insured under domestic maid insurance policy for >12 months with any insurer in Singapore.

• Hospital and Surgical Expenses include treatment at – Singapore Public Hospital – Private Hospital in Singapore – Hospital outside Singapore

• Worldwide Personal Accident provides 24-hour coverage for accidental death or permanent disablement.

• Dread Diseases cover pays a lump sum to the maid upon diagnosis of the     6 dread diseases covered in the policy

• Medical treatment for dengue fever (inpatient and outpatient)

• Medical expenses incurred from treatment by licensed Chinese Physicians

Here are the several features that MaidEase covers these benefits:

  • Worldwide Personal Accident whereby up to S$70,000 is paid for accidental death or permanent disablement.
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses including treatment from Public and Private Hospitals in Singapore as well as Hospitals outside Singapore.
  • Waiver of Counter Indemnity which limits your liability to S$250 (instead of S$5,000), so long as you are not the cause of the breach of the S$5,000 Security Bond.
  • Domestic Helper Liability, which covers your domestic helper’s unforeseen negligence resulting in accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage. This policy covers your legal liability to compensate the third party.
  • Repatriation Expenses are covered for reasonable expenses incurred should you need to send your domestic helper to her home country upon accidental bodily injury, sickness or disease of whatsoever nature.
  • Dread Diseased, will be paid a lump sum benefits upon the diagnosis of the diseases. This benefit is payable only once in the lifetime of the insured person.
Sompo MaidEase
Sompo Maid Insurance


Sompo’s MaidEase offers two maid insurance plan 

  1. MaidEase Deluxe


2. MaidEase Superior

Sompo MaidEase Superior
Both the policy only differ in amount of coverage .MaidEase Superior coverage is almost double that of MaidEase Deluxe at only fraction of the cost .


Section / Schedule of Benefits Aggregate Limit Per Policy Period
Deluxe Superior
1. Worldwide Personal Accident
Death OR $60,000 $70,000
Additional Indemnity for death from accident in Dwelling $62,500 $75,000
Permanent Disablement As per scale stated in the Policy As per scale stated in the Policy
Medical Expenses including 
Dental treatment resulting from injury due to an accident
$1,000 $2,500
Treatment by Chinese Physicians $100 per treatment $150 per treatment
Treatment for Dengue Fever $100 $250
Ambulance Services $00 $100
2. Repatriation Expenses $10,000 $10,000
3. Hospital and Surgical Expenses
including Day Surgery, 90 days Pre and Post-Hospitalisation treatment at
Subject to Annual Limit
$30,000 subject to $15,000 per annum (Worldwide) $40,000 subject to $20,000 per annum (Worldwide)
Singapore Public Hospital 100% 100%
Private Hospital in Singapore 55% 55%
Hospital outside Singapore 55% 55%
4. Wages Compensation & Levy Reimbursement (up to 60 days) $15 per day $30 per day
5. Alternative Help Benefit (up to 30 days) N.A. $15 per day
6. Recuperation Benefit for each day of hospitalisation (up to 60 days) N.A. $20 per day
7. Domestic Helper Liability $2,500 $5,000
8. Dread Diseases N.A. $2,000
9. Termination Expenses and Re-Hiring Expenses (up to 90 days) $250 $500
10. Domestic Helper’s Belongings $250 $500
11. Special Grant $1,000 $3,000
12. Fidelity Guarantee N.A. $1,000
Letter of Guarantee / Waiver of Counter Indemnity
13. Letter of Guarantee to the Ministry of Manpower $5,000 $5,000
14. Waiver of Counter Indemnity for Letter of Guarantee $5,000 subject to excess of $250 $5,000 subject to excess of $250

MaidEase Eligibility

Eligibility Cover intended for employers in Singapore who are Singaporean or Singaporean Permanent Residents or Foreigners on Employment Pass or Holding passes with at least 12 months validity remaining from the proposed inception date of the application.

Claim Process for Sompo MaidEase Insurance

You must complete the claim form fully and provide all supporting documents to ensure timely processing of your claim. You should support your claim with documents otherwise, you may not be able to claim under your policy.

  • Download a claim form and send to our office or email us at [email protected]
  • Online submission for applicable types of claim
  • Submit your claim within 21 days after a loss has happened

You need to inform Sompo of any changes in your address or contact numbers to avoid misdirected correspondence and delays in the processing of the claim. If you make any false or deceptive statements, remain back, or lie in any material fact whatsoever, your claim may be refused.

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