Liberty Maid Insurance ( MaidCare ) from Liberty Insurance in Singapore 2019

As you know, employers in Singapore are required to purchase maid insurance for their foreign domestic workers. To cater to this requirement by the Ministry of Manpower, Liberty Insurance offers their Liberty Maid Insurance plans called as MaidCare plans in three tiers to cater to different employers – for those who just want the bare minimum to fulfil their legal obligations as well as those who want higher coverage limits, additional benefits and more peace of mind.

Here’s an overview of the various plans that Liberty Insurance has to offer to help you decide which best fits your needs.

About Liberty Maid Insurance ( MaidCare )

Liberty Insurance MaidCare is designed to meet the MOM requirements for foreign domestic workers arriving in Singapore. These minimum requirements include:

  • Security Bond of up to S$5,000
  • Hospitalisation and Surgical expenses coverage for at least S$15,000 per year
  • Personal Accident coverage for at least S$60,000.

The Liberty Maidcare plans can be for either 14 or 26 months, which corresponds with the FDW’s standard contract duration of 1 or 2 years respectively.

For all of the plans, you can choose to have the optional benefits of Waiver of Indemnity and include a Performance Bond of S$2,000 and S$7,000, which is required by the Philippines Embassy for Filipino Maids. These come at additional expense and you have the option of (de)selecting these options on our Insurance Market website.

Now that you have a good understanding of how these plans work, here is a closer look at each of the 3 tiers individually.

Liberty Insurance MaidCare Plan 1

Liberty Maid Insurance plan 1

This is the most basic of all three Liberty Maidcare plans as it just meets the minimum requirements set out by MOM and offers almost no extra coverage. It offers medical expenses and repatriation expenses which add some but minimal extra value to the basic plan.

This plan could be an option for those who are first-time employers or have a small budget and prefer not to risk investing in an expensive policy.

Having said this, price is not the only factor to consider and it may be argued that more prudent first-time employers may want a more comprehensive coverage for their helper.

Liberty Insurance MaidCare Plan 2

Liberty Maid Insurance Plan 2

This is the mid-tier plan of the lot offering a few more additional benefits to the basic plan. Topping up from the base plan these would include recuperation benefits, critical illness benefit, repatriation expenses, replacement benefit, re-hiring expenses etc.

This plan would be suitable for those who are interested in a slightly more comprehensive coverage as it does not come at a much higher price than the lower tiered plan offering the buyer a little bit of both, price and coverage.

Liberty Insurance MaidCare Plan 3

Liberty Maid Insurance Plan3
Being the most the comprehensive coverage of the three plans that Liberty has to offer, this plan is more suited to those who would be willing to spend a little extra for the maximum protection available.

You would find that these have pretty much the same benefits as Liberty MaidCare Plan 2 but of course the expense limits offered are considerably higher in fact double in the case of some benefits such as Hospital and Surgical Expenses.

Having said this the value in terms of price vs coverage that you maybe deriving when comparing MaidCare Plan 2 vs MaidCare Plan 3 in terms of pay out maybe not be significantly different so taking a closer look at these and comparing them would be advisable.

Want a Detailed Comparison of Maid Insurance Plans?

You can do this by looking at the policies side-by-side at our Insurance Market platform with just a click of a few buttons.

Maid insurance policies in the market have so many variations and it maybe a daunting decision to select one policy out of the lot that best fits you.

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