What are Best Maid Insurances in Singapore in 2020?

Maid insurance is a hot topic in Singapore. As there are about 250,000 maids also known as FDW (foreign domestic workers) in Singapore as of 2018. For you, we assorted a list of some best maid insurances in Singapore in August 2019. We compare them on the basis of price and level of coverage.

Many FDWs play an important role in the family, helping to care for elderly parents and running household smoothly.

Maid Insurance Requirements

It’s mandatory for every employer to buy medical insurance and personal accident insurance for their maid. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires employers to provide at least medical coverage of S$15,000 per year for inpatient care and day surgery and personal accident coverage of S$60,000 will cover unexpected and unforeseen incidents resulting in permanent disability or death. FDW insurance in Singapore is generally offered in combination with a security bond of S$5,000.

Many Singapore households are not aware of the various types of FDW insurance policies; due to the convenience they rely on the arrangement provided by the maid agency. Learn all what you need to know about maid Insurance .

Choosing your own policy ensures the coverage you purchase would be the ideal coverage for your maid. Now the question arises. How to get good coverage and Best maid insurance in Singapore without a financial burden?

Best Maid Insurances in Singapore ( August 2019 )

Etiqa Insurance ( eProtect Maid Plan C) :

It is the Cheapest maid Insurance plan. If you are restricted with the budget then go for Insurance market’s Etiqa’s eProtect Maid plan with an opportunity to get 40% off.

A great value plan with great protection with all promotions included, Etiqa’s mid-tier stands out with a price of S$204.40 (for 26 months).

With low coverage amount, it offers some notable benefits.

  • Personal accident and death coverage S$70,000
  • Accidental Medical Expenses S$3,000 
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses S$15,000 Per Year
  • Third-Party Liability S$10,000
  • Special Grant of S$2,000
  • Domestic helper’s liability coverage S$7,500
  • Per day Daily Wages Compensation S$30
  • Coverage Score 7.7/10


  • Top value plans
  • The cheapest plan on the market
  • For those with no need for high coverage levels


  • Does not provide extensive medical and liability coverage

FWD Insurance ( Essential ) 

Maid Insurance plan gives the best value for your money and provides a well-balanced coverage. It provides coverage against unexpected expenses like hiring or renewing maid’s work permit. The insurance also provides medical insurance protection and accident cover. The company issues a security bond on client’s behalf to the Ministry of Manpower

For a 26-month coverage, the plan costs S$238.29 that is 20% below the average market rate for basic level policies. The additional benefits offered by this policy are coverage for your maid’s belongings, liability coverage and up to S$3,000 of coverage in case your maid harms you or your family.

Some Other unique benefits:

  • The firm is among the few that offer a full premium refund in case an employer cancels a helper’s contract within the first 3 months.
  • The only insurer that provides medical coverage for illness-related expenses beyond accidents and hospitalization.
  • Overall, FDW insurance is a great option for people hiring maid services for the first time. A balanced medical and non-medical coverage on a budget

Premiums & Benefits

FWD Essential

Market Average

26-Month Premium



3rd Party Liability



Value ($Insured/Premium)



Maid’s Personal Belonging



Outpatient Accident Expense



Hospitalization & Surgery



Liberty Insurance (Maidcare Plan  1) :

Want to just meet the minimum requirements stipulated by MOM, Go for Liberty Maidcare Plan 1(and get the best value of your money. This FDW insurance plan meets the Ministry of Manpower’s requirement of Security Bond, Personal Accident, and Hospitalization & Surgical Expenses. The plan is best for those who have a small budget and don’t want to invest in an expensive policy. Buy this 26-month coverage policy at S$227.38 from Insurance market stop your quest.

Benefits offered by this policy:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Accidental Medical Expenses S$1,000 
  • Personal accident and death coverage S$60,000
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses S$15,000 Per Year
  • Repatriation Expenses S$10,000
  • Coverage Score 6.4/10


  • Same day transmission to MOM
  • Immediate acknowledgment


  • No coverfor Third-party Liability
  • No cover for Daily Wages Compensation


The package not only provides the benefits as required by the Ministry of Manpower but also includes coverage that will ensure your FDW is well taken care of. The plus factor of this policy is: it covers the maid’s personal belongings and offers a Special grant benefit. Buy this one of the Best maid insurance in Singapore at the cost of S$267.50 for 26 months.

Benefits offered:

  • Personal Accident – Death S$60,000
  • Hospital and Surgical Expenses S$15,000 pea
  • Recuperation Benefits $1,200
  • Critical illnesses S$2,500
  • Third-Party Liability S$5,000
  • Reimbursement Benefit, Wage Compensation, Wages and Levy Reimbursement S$30
  • Replacement Benefit S$350
  • Coverage Score 8.21/10


  • Provide a Letter of Guarantee to MOM in lieu of the S$5,000 cash deposit.


This FDW insurance is designed exclusively for domestic workers. It covers the medical expenses like hospital charges or surgical expenditures also ensures against the accidental death and disablement. The insurance also covers the Ministry of Manpower’s requirement. It comes under the mid-tier plan and covers. This 26-month FDW insurance is available at S$267.50

Benefits offered:

  • Hospitalization and surgical charges up to S$15,000
  • In case your maid is in hospital, the insurance company pays you S$50 every day up to 30 days.
  • A personal accident covers S$60,000
  • S$1,000 for accidental medical expenses.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine coverage of S$100
  • Coverage Score 7.31/10


  • A broad package, but with some exclusions in terms of other benefits


  • Low Third Party Liability coverage
  • No critical illness coverage

HL Assurance (Maid Protect360) :

HL Assurance stands out with its medical coverage. This 26-month FDW insurance at S$234 does not satisfy most of the employees as it lacks liability protections for the employer. The plans come in 3 options: Basic, Enhanced or premier, either for 26 or 14-month.

Benefits offered:

  • Personal Accident – Death S$60,000
  • Hospitalization and surgical charges up to S$15,000
  • S$1,000 for accidental medical expenses.
  • Replacement Benefit S$200
  • Coverage Score 6.0/10


  • For those who wish to protect their domestic worker’s possessions
  • No high claims
  • Coverage for a variety of medical treatments


  • Does not give comprehensive liability coverage
  • Not a high-value basic plans

Tips for FDW Insurance

These Maid Insurance tips will help you to select a great policy

  1. Take a plan that covers your helper’s pre-existing conditions
  2. Check if the policy covers dengue fever and malaria as some insurers do not cover these conditions.
  3. Consider the optional waiver of counter indemnity as it limits your liability on the $5,000 security bond to $250.

 How to compare different FDW Insurance Policies

  • Personal Accident Coverage: Most policies will provide the basic requirements of $60,000 for personal accident coverage while the schedule of compensation may sometimes differ.
  • Medical Insurance Coverage: The minimum requirement is $15,000; there are some plans that will go beyond the minimum requirement needed. For example, the EQ Maid Enhanced (with Security Bond) Outpatient Expenses: Outpatient expenses also differ, some may go up to as high as $3,000 pa while others may be limited to just $1,000 pa
  • Critical Illness Coverage: Some plans offer small critical illness coverage.
  • Repatriation Expenses: Some policies cover the cost of repatriation that you incur, should the need arise.

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