What is MSIG Maid Insurance ( MaidPlus ) all about in 2020?

MSIG maid Insurance (MaidPlus)

It comes under name MaidPlus. MaidPlus is a comprehensive package of benefits covering accidental death or disablement, hospital and surgical expenses, wages and levy reimbursement, repatriation expenses, guarantee bond and other benefits.

MSIG MaidPlus offers maid insurance plan for $267.5  for a period of 26 months. The value ration of benefits to a dollar of the premium is all around the mid-tier average. However, MSIG presents some notable policies that relate to customizing your plan a little more, such as the employer’s responsibility and top-up hospitals.

Key Features

Personal Accident Cover – MSIG’s MaidPlus offers $60,000 in the personal accident and $1,000 for accidental medical expenses.The medical expenses includes dental treatment ($500 sublimit ), treatment by chinese physician ( $100 sublimit ) and dengue fever treatment ($100 sublimit).

Hospital and Surgical Cover – MSIG’s MaidPlus pay up $15,000 for hospital and surgical charges in Ward B2 or C in government hospital or restructured hospital including 90 days’ pre and post hospitalization expenses for diagnostic services and treatment and day surgery.

Alternative Domestic Help Benefits – MSIG’s MaidPlus reimburse $50 daily for up to 30 days if you require temporary help during the period of your Maid’s hospitalization due to a covered injury or illness.

Wages or Levy Reimbursement – It reimburses $30 per day put to 30 days if you maid is hospitalized due to injury or illiness .

Repatriation Expenses  – Reimbursement for the cost of transportation for your Maid to return to her home country following Permanent Disablement or Death $10,000 .

Termination Expenses – Termination Expenses Pays you if your Maid is certified unfit for work by a medical practitioner due to injury or illness $300 

Replacement Maid Expenses – Replacement Maid Expenses Pays the hiring fees for a replacement Maid following the termination of your Maid’s service due to death, injury or illness $200

Special Grant – Special Grant Lump sum payment following death of your Maid during her employment in Singapore $2,000

Plan highlights

Daily Wages & Levy Reimbursement 

We compensate you with your helper’s daily wages for up to $30 each day for a maximum of 30 days if she is hospitalised.

Insurance Guarantee Bond
MaidPlus ensures you comply with all regulations by issuing on your behalf a Letter of Guarantee for a $5,000 security bond to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Enhancement of Medical Expenses Benefit
Medical Expenses enhanced to include dengue fever (includes negative results), dental treatment and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment due to injury.

Personal Accident Cover
Lump sum payout in the event of death of your helper during the course of employment.

Alternative Domestic Help Benefit
Hiring fees for a replacement helper.

Optional Covers

Employer’s Liability

MSIG has an option in the maid insurance plan that is closest to the average mid-tier plan. However, it impresses on 1 million dollar accountability to the employer’s liability, which is the highest amount available in the market but it covers the domestic helper when she returns home. The purpose of the employer’s liability coverage is to protect you if your maid is ill or injured and decide to pursue legal action against you.

The three levels of employer’s liability, are:

  • $300,000 for $26.75
  • $500,000 for $37.45
  • $1,000,000 for $69.55

If you think the basic policy has no protection of liability and you are worried about potential lawsuits from your maid or her family, this option is your best bet for maximum protection.

Additional Hospital & Surgical Expenses

It also provides Additional Hospital & Surgical Expenses Up to $15,000 Sum Insured $53.50 per $5,000 Sum Insured.


Aside from employer’s liability, MaidPlus has Insurance Guarantee Bond to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Singapore. MSIG will issue a Guarantee Letter as a security bond on your behalf with the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”). If you need to, they will also send a Guarantee Letter to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Singapore (“POLO”) for you. If MOM and/or POLO make a demand as the case may be, MaidPlus first pay and recover any amount paid from you under the terms of the section on Insurance Guarantee Bond.

Moreover, you can also purchase the optional cover for the Waiver of Counter Indemnity in respect of the Letter of Guarantee to MOM, paying only $250 for the excess for your account.

Claim Procedure

At the occurrence of the incident, contact your agent, your broker Insurance Market or MSIG +65 6827 7660 to assist you. Make a police report if there is a fatal or serious injury or evidence of criminal or malicious act involve.You may download a copy of the claim form or request for the form to be sent to you. You should ask the doctor to complete the “Medical Report” section of the claim form if you are sending a claim for medical expenses. Complete the claim form and submit it to all required supporting documents.

You can buy MSIG maid Insurance at Insurance Market  .We sell 13 maid Insurance Plans from 6 insurers . Insurance Market is a market place where we are serious about insurance and where professional parties come together to transact insurance only in the best and most responsible manner. Insurance Market offers a wide range of general insurance products (such as travel insurance, maid insurance, pet insurance and more) online and life insurance through personal advice from our qualified brokers.Please contact us at [email protected] or +65 69081811 if you have any questions.


When does the cover commence and end for each trip?

Cover starts from the time you leave your home or workplace in Singapore to begin the trip abroad and ends 3 hours after your return to Singapore or on the expiry of your travel insurance, whichever is sooner.

Can foreigners purchase travel insurance?

Foreigners holding an employment pass or work permit and living in Singapore can apply so long as it is for a round trip commencing from and returning to Singapore within the period of insurance.

Can a person aged 70 years and above buy single trip or annual plan?

Single Trip – Yes, all plans
Annual Plan – No. However, if purchase of any annual plan is made before the age of 70, renewal is granted for the Standard Plan only. The policy is renewable up to age 80.

If I decide not to proceed with my trip, can I recover the premium paid for my TravelEasy policy?

You will be entitled to a refund of premium provided there is no claim under the policy and travel has not commenced. The refund premium allowed shall be the balance after taking into account the minimum retained premium of $50. If your policy premium is $50 and below, there is no refund.

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