How to serve your own perfect International Health Insurance 2019 – Recipe included!

Sloppy Joes.
Fugu Sashimi.
Good ole’ Fish & Chips with the Yorkshire Beef Batter.

These are just some food items that globetrotters hanker for when they are away.
No matter how talented the chefs may be, there is something missing when you try the local version of the same dishes.
It seems that only you and you alone know the perfect taste.

When it comes to International Health Insurance, it is the same.
Only you will be familiar with the contract terms of your expatriate package, your health conditions and your inner hypochondriac. (person who is anxious about their health)

It goes without saying that you are the best person to customize your International Health Insurance (IHI).

What goes into a perfect IHI?
We know the right ingredients.
And here is a guide to putting it all together, for one sublime masterpiece.

The base sauce: Deductibles

The foundation of great things.

Be it a flavourful white sauce or a tangy curry base, the sauce is the foundation.
That is why you have to get it right off the bat.
Drizzle some olive oil onto the pan right now!
Deductibles are the out-of-pocket expenses that you need to fork out before your insurance policy comes in to save the day.
It is sometimes known as excess too.

You can opt-in for a higher deductible in exchange for a lowered premium.
For some, that is a more palatable option as deductible is payable only when you need to make a claim.
However, other prefer to pay more upfront so that they may have less to worry about when they are sick or injured.
No deductibles at all?
That is possible too.
After all, a delicious fried chicken does not have any sauce!

The main ingredient: Co-Insurance

This is the highlight of the show.
It is your call whether you prefer chicken, beef or even venison.
This is an almost irreplaceable ingredient.

We like to co-share that!

There is a portion of the claimable bill that you have to pay on your own.
This is Co-insurance, the uninsured part of an IHI.
Usually, it is 10-20%.

Like the main ingredient, the co-insurance is absolutely critical.
It can be a total game-changer.
A 20% of a $50,000 medical bill is a hefty $10,000.
Imagine that in pounds!

Yet it is really expensive to have no co-insurance.
Nevertheless, you should really try to minimize the co-insurance percentage as much as your budget allows you to.

The Sides: Outpatient benefits

Taking too much of these guarantees you a trip to the doctor.

Imagine having a battered haddock fish without fries.
Basically, fish without chips.
It just does not work at all.

The same goes for outpatient benefits.
While IHI caters primarily for hospitalization, it can be extended to include outpatient visits.
Your GP consultation, the prescribed medicine and even Specialist visits

Do refer to your employee benefits though.
You may already be covered for outpatient treatments by your company.
In which case, you can exclude this to save money on your IHI premiums.

Spicing it up: Optical and Dental Benefits

Remember Salt Bae?
He has made the sprinkling of salt meme-worthy.
The truth is that every dish needs a little bit of garnishing to bring out the full flavours.

Some salt for your International Health Insurance?

The same goes for your optical and dental benefits in your IHI.
It is not necessary but it completes the package.
You will never have to worry about tooth extraction or broken spectacle frames anymore.

Like Salt Bae, finish your IHI policy in style.
See clearly and smile brightly every single day!

The Condiments: Routine Medical Checkups

We know someone who can’t have any fries without ketchup.

You can always have sushi without soy sauce.
Rosti without sour cream.
They are still great-tasting but something is just missing.

The same goes for routine medical check-ups and cancer-screening.
They are good-to-have add-ons to your IHI coverage but it is not critical at all.
It just feels like something is amiss though when you do not include them.

As early detection is the key to defeating killer disease such as cancer, you might as well include routine checkups in your IHI package.
This way, you feel compelled to go as you have already paid for them.
By doing so, you can give yourself a better fighting chance when the unimaginable occurs.

A Perfect Place to put it all together:

You may have the right ingredients, skills and recipe.
However, a kitchen with all the necessary oven, pans and utensils is also critical to whipping up a perfect dish.

For IHI, you have to go to the right place too.
A well-equipped kitchen where you have the tools to experiment, to mix and match to find that perfect insurance plan.
Somewhere you can do all that quickly

Insurance Market is that place.
You can adjust the deductibles, co-insurance and other benefits so that you can concoct the perfect IHI for yourself.
And did we mention that you can obtain that quotation instantly, anytime and anywhere?

Bon Appétit!

There is nothing left to do but to enjoy the fruits of your prudent and smart planning.
You have the perfect insurance plan that fits your budget and needs, thanks to Insurance Market’s nifty platform.
Go out there with full assurance and make your mark in the world today!

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