Comparing Expat Health Insurance Policies

As a consumer, Comparing Expat Health Insurance can be a bit complicated and diverse in nature and being able to make them truly comparable can be a herculean task. That is why we have created a helpful solution here at Insurance Market by building comprehensive comparison and rating models that help customers selecting the right policy for the right price. Below are the major sections that we cover under our scoring model, let’s take a look what they mean before you do the actual comparison.


When Comparing Expat Health Insurance, this section obviously deserves a large chunk of the total score as this forms the base of any health insurance policy and would render any health insurance ineffective if not provided. Under this section, you will find benefits related to inpatient expenses such as surgery, hospital accommodation, diagnostic tests etc.


This refers to expenses incurred as an outpatient like a consultation with a general practitioner or specialist. This section is given the second largest weightage of the overall rating model scores. This also includes alternative treatment methods, physiotherapy, mental health conditions etc. You will find that the outpatient benefits are often offered as an optional benefit, in other words, an add-on cover. Sometimes certain aspects of an outpatient expense can fall under hospitalisation benefits such as day patient surgery or kidney dialysis treatment.

Well Being

Well being refers to a person’s overall state of health. Nowadays people are becoming more aware that they need to apply a more pro-active approach to their health. What this means is going for routine health checks, vaccinations, and screenings for certain diseases. Health insurance recognises the desire of people to act more preventatively and offers this coverage mostly as an optional benefit and in turn, so does our rating model.

Prescribed Medication

This is the medication that is prescribed to you by your treating doctor and can be administered to you on an inpatient or outpatient basis, given the circumstances.


Comparing Expat Health Insurance is also important in circumstances of pregnancy. This coverage is commonly offered as an optional benefit, however in some cases, this can be part of a Core Plan. Maternity benefit under our rating model gives scores for routine pregnancy and birth, newborn care, complications of pregnancy etc. Most insurance companies will only insure for pregnancy after the mother has been covered for a certain number of years and not from the first day of the coverage. the terms different per company. If you look for this coverage it is good to read the terms carefully to avoid disappointment.


This usually comprises of emergencies related to dental treatment, routine dental treatments, oral surgery etc. Mostly offered as an optional benefit, we have included this under our rating model to make an insurance comparable with other health insurance plans.


This benefit covers expenses related to eye treatments such as eye examinations, glasses, and contacts, laser eye treatment etc.

Evacuation & repatriation

This includes emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and repatriation of mortal remains. Medical evacuation refers to the evacuation of a person to the nearest medical facility and repatriation refers to being evacuated to your home country if the necessary treatment is unavailable locally.

Miscellaneous services

In this section, we give scores to other benefits such as legal expenses, personal effects stolen, claims facilities etc. Under this section, you will find essential information regarding waiting periods applicable to the policy, lifetime limits, renewals, and portability.

Finally, we may add or remove scores for certain benefits or characteristics of a policy that may not be addressed by the rating model. This would then form the positive or negative anomalies. This ensures that all aspects of a policy are taken into consideration making it a fair comparison.

Set Your Preferences

The above sections that are included in our rating model make up the coverage score. For coverage scores premiums are not taken into account. On our portal, you will find that every policy has a value for money score, what this score represents is which policies offer you the best value for money (comparison of the score to price) based on the budget that you have set. Lastly, we also display the best price according to your preferred budget which is shown from the lowest to the highest.

Ready to buy?

Comparing Expat Health Insurance is complex but we are here to help. Now that you have an overview of how our rating model and scoring of the international health policies work, go to our site and compare the health insurance that we offer side by side. Insurance Market is the only site that does a line-by-line side by side comparison of all the policies, so as to help you to compare what are often quite different packages. Go and try it out! If you need more help don’t hesitate to give us a call or chat with us online.

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