Insurance Policies To Compare Or Not To Compare?

There are a lot of companies offering deals for insurance. You have probably heard of names like Income Insurance from NTUC, MSIG Insurance, AIG, AXA or many other insurers in Singapore.

Insurance matters if something happens to you, your loved ones or your belongings. But not everyone is the same, there are some policies that might suit your needs better than others. Insurance buying can be a confusing and time-consuming process.

To find if you are choosing the right priced policies for your need is a task in itself. But the choices might not just be about low price, what is the right coverage for your needs or what is it that experts are recommending? All of these factors can give the best bang for your buck.

Insurance comparison

How about someone else doing the hard work for you? Thankfully, in today’s digital world, you can have all the insurance comparison information at the click of a button. Compare, select and buy the right policy for you in an instant.

Comparing on

On our platform, which is, in fact, a real insurance marketplace, you only have to fill-in the minimum set of required questions for us to give you a detailed price, coverage score and best value for money score. When you find a policy that suits your needs best, you can buy directly from our platform. After selection, we’ll ask you for your personal details to fulfil your request and policy. The whole process is digital and fast. You’ll even get a personal representative and an online dashboard with all your insurance plans.

What kind of insurance plans can you compare?

Insurance Market allows you to compare all kinds of plans for different insurance products. You can compare on price, best value for money and coverage score. If you want, you can also drill down on specifics such as comparing on maternity package coverage or dangerous sports etc.

Travel Insurance

Who doesn’t like to take off for a long week getaway from Singapore? It is always smart to take out Travel Insurance if something happens overseas. At the moment of writing, you can buy Travel Insurance directly online on from AIG, Allianz Global Assistance, Allied World,  AXA, EQ Insurance, Ergo, Liberty Insurance, MSIG, QBE, Sompo and Tokio Marine. You are able to compare these plans with a single trip and or annual travel plans from Aviva, Hong Leong (HL) Assurance and NTUC Income on our platform.

Home Insurance

Home sweet home, but did you know that most accidents happen at home? The type of house you live in makes a difference in what plan would suit best. Owning or renting makes a difference in the premium as well. On you are able to find suitable Home Insurance plans from EQ Insurance, Liberty Insurance, MSIG, QBE, Sompo and Tokio Marine. We offer a few extra insurers AXA, Chubb, Etiqa and NTUC Income to compare the above plans to.

Pet Insurance

This is relatively a new insurance in Singapore. A dog or cat is also part of your family. You take out health care for family members and it is smart to cover for your furry family member(s). The healthcare cost of pets can become steep. Currently, we can only offer Liberty Pet Insurance plans which you can compare to plans of the AON online.

Personal Accident Insurance

Working is an integral part of the Singapore culture. But if something happens that causes you not to be able to work for a few months that sometimes also means no income. With a Personal Accident Insurance plan, you can cover for this. You are able to buy an insurance plan directly with us from Liberty Insurance, MSIG and Sompo.

Maid Insurance

Many families operate and do well because of the help of their maid. Maid Insurance is one of the mandatory policies you need to have in Singapore. The agency where you got your maid from arranges for this. Did you know you can do it easily yourself and that is cheaper as well? Buy a suitable plan from Liberty Insurance, MSIG and Sompo directly online or them to other insurers such as China Taiping, NTUC Income and United Overseas Insurance.

Car Insurance

Would you feel comfortable with driving away uninsured? That is good because Car Insurance is mandatory! We feature at this moment car insurance policies from Liberty Insurance and Sompo, you can compare them to plans from Aviva, AXA, China Taiping, Direct Asia, EQ Insurance, MSIG and NTUC Income.

International Health Insurance

Recently we have launched the International Health Insurance product on our platform. For people moving into this is an insurance you can’t go without. Depending on your situation, either your company arranges it or you want to top it up or you need to arrange for yourself, on our platform you can compare and fine-tune the plans for your needs and for your whole family. You’ll be able to compare and buy plans from April and Cigna and compare them to AXA and MSIG.

What is next?

We are working on new products and of course adding more insurance companies to be available on our platform. Now you know which products are available, take for a test drive and compare a plan. You’ll see it is easy and convenient and you’ll have quotes under minutes. That why we say Insurance Market is more choice for you!

  • Get discounts the moment they are live
  • Save time due to autofill of your info
  • 24/7 access to your policies online
  • Control your spend on insurances
  • We are based in Singapore
  • All your information is safe and secure


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  • Get discounts the moment they are live
  • Save time due to autofill of your info
  • 24/7 access to your policies online
  • Control your spend on insurances
  • We are based in Singapore
  • All your information is safe and secure