AIG Home Insurance Singapore Overview 2020

AIG Home Insurance

Protect your family, building, and home contents with AIG Home Insurance! With 88 million customers, AIG is the world’s largest insurance company. AIG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and present in more than 90 countries. AIG is active in Singapore since 1953.

A home is a person’s biggest investment in life, it is a place to calm, cherish the moments with family and create moments with loved ones. So, to take care of your most valuable place, AIG Home Insurance Singapore is there to protect it to help you to stay worry-free!

Why take AIG Home Insurance?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: AIG Home insurance does not only cover the building, but also the contents of your home – your household valuables and renovated items – against insured dangers such as burst water pipes, fire, and break-ins.
  • Cover for personal liability: If a fire breaks out in your home and spreads to your neighbour’s home, then as per law you are supposed to pay for the damage. Home insurance can alleviate your financial stress as it covers you and your immediate family’s legal liability.
  • Support: AIG insurance sends loss adjustors on-site to assist clients in the claims process and to assist them in making arrangements for temporary accommodation and facilitating the process of itemising the list of damaged items for the claim.

Key benefits of AIG Home Insurance Singapore

  • Household items cover: Protect your belongings and renovated items against the insured perils.
  • Temporary accommodation: You will get help for alternative accommodation in case your home is too damaged.
  • Comprehensive and Flexible cover: PHPP will give you comprehensive cover consisting of lock and key, medical expenses and choice for extra home items coverage.

What’s included? AIG’s home insurance plans include cover for:

  • The building, renovated items, fixtures and fittings
  • Contents, furniture and clothing
  • Personal belongings and valuables
  • Worldwide personal effects and identity fraud
  • Personal and tenant liability

AIG Home Insurance offers 3 types of plans:

AIG Homes Complete:

All in one plan cover from HDB apartment to landed property. Cover worldwide liability and the monthly premium are $13 only.

Coverage offered

  • Household contents coverage
  • Alternative accommodation provider
  • Worldwide Identify theft coverage
  • Worldwide Personal liability
  • Worldwide ATM assault & personal effects
  • Worldwide Personal Accident

Benefits at a glance


Maximum Sum Insured

Household Contents1

Covers loss or damage to your fixtures and fittings, furniture and other personal effects in your insured premises’ belonging to you and your immediate family2 due to insured perils3&4. 

*The aggregate amount of $100,000 includes burglary by forcible entry of up to $25,000. Excess applies for theft by violent and forcible entry.


Alternative Accommodation (up to 90 days)


Worldwide Identity Fraud5


per occurence

Covers your legal fees, loss of wages or other incidental

costs incurred in Singapore.


per occurence

Worldwide ATM Assault and Personal Effects5


per occurence

Covers medical expenses due to injury caused

by theft of personal effects/ATM assault


per occurence

Covers loss or damage to your personal effects

and identity documents due to theft.


per occurence

Worldwide Personal Liability


Worldwide Personal Accident  (65 yrs and below).

$20,000 each





Monthly Premium

$13 per month

3-year (lump sum payment)

$445  Save $23!

3-year (interest-free instalment plan)

$39 for 12 months


AIG Home Advantage:

A plan specifically tailored by AIG home insurance Singapore to give you the flexibility to select who to cover, what to cover and how much you want to cover;

Divided into 3 steps

No 1:  Main coverage:

  • Building: Covers loss or damage to the insured premises up to the chosen insured against lightning, fire, explosion, vehicle and/or aircraft impact damage, bursting and overflowing of water tanks or pipes, theft or attempted theft, hurricane, windstorm including flood or overflowing of the sea, earthquake and accidental breakage of fixed glass.
  • Contents: Cover Interior decorations, Household Furniture, clothes and fittings along with valuable contents.

No2: Enhanced Plan Cover

  • Worldwide Persona Effects Cover: Cover loss or damage to your personal effects.
  • Worldwide Identity Fraud Cover
  • Appliance Extended Warranty
  • Domestic servants
  • Bicycle cover
  • Tenant’s Liability

No 3: Offers complimentary Benefits

  • Worldwide Personal Liability
  • Alternative Accommodation

AIG Home Advantage Package:

This plan offers coverage when you are away from home or travelling abroad.

Comprehensive coverage

Select from classic, superior or Premier plan.

Offers Coverage for:

  • High Limits of coverage for up to S$10,000 per item for household contents.
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • $1 Million Worldwide Personal Liability


Max. Limit


Worldwide Identity Fraud Cover1

Covers your monetary loss resulting from identity fraud with choice of individual or family plan.


Individual Family

Individual $37.45

Family $64.20

Includes legal fees and loss of wages incurred by you in Singapore to resolve such identity fraud issues.


Individual Family

Individual $80.25

Family $128.40

Multi – Appliances Extended Warranty

Covers your appliances and equipment against mechanical and electrical failure with choice of:



a) Kitchen Products2



b) Home Products3



Bicycle Cover

Covers loss or damage to one bicycle as a result of theft outside of your residence.



Tenant’s Liability

Covers the tenant’s legal liability to the landlord.




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