NTUC Car Insurance ( Drivo car insurance ) Overview 2020

NTUC Income, the lion of the car insurance market,  needs no introduction in Singapore. NTUC car insurance ( Drivo car insurance ) policies focus on accident protection that makes this plan a good option for consumers looking to maximize peace of mind.  The young drivers (who will be driving from the first time) will benefit from NTUC car insurance lax excess policies, accident and claims services

Let’s have a look at NTUC key selling points and what NTUC car insurance options offer.

NTUC car insurance plans at a glance

The main product of NTUC car insurance is comprehensive car insurance, known as Drivo car insurance, and it further categorizes in 3 flavors –  Classic, Premium, and Prestige. NTUC offers insurance for older cars as well. They are Third Party Only and Third Party Fire & Theft. These plans are cheaper and cover very little. NTUC also offer coverage plan for PHV(Private Hire vehicle), the plan provides the coverage in third party damage, loss and damage due to theft and fire. But didn’t cover for war, riots or driven by some other people

Classic Plan:

The plan provides coverage for personal accident, medical and towing along with the third party and loss protection. Moreover, your car is covered for malicious acts, natural disasters, civil disturbance, lightning, explosions, and theft.

Premium Plan:

Premium plan offers the same benefits and coverage as of classic, just provide the flexibility of workshop option.

Difference between Classic and Premium Plan: If you don’t care about the workshop, you can save up to 30% with the classic plan meanwhile availing the benefits of Premium coverage

Prestige Plan: The plan is for those who are looking for the coverage of their high-performance cars like Panamera, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxter, and 911. If you own the Porsche car and are aged 33 or older with at least 3 years of driving experience without any accident claim then purchase this plan specially tailored for you.

All NTUC car insurance plan at glance

NTUC car insurance plan


Best For

Third Party

Covers third party damage only

Very old cars

Third Party, Theft and Fire

Cover third party damage, theft

For Very old cars

Comprehensive (Drivo Car insurance Classic)

NTUC authorised workshops only (over 30 workshops)

Cars with no more warranty, parallel imports, and second hand cars,

Comprehensive (Drivo car insurance Premium)

No restriction on workshops + classic plan coverage

 Cars under warranty

Comprehensive (Drivo Car insurance Prestige) Porsche owners

Enhanced coverage

only for Porsche models

PHV(Private Hire vehicle)

Cover third party damage, damage due to fire, accident, theft and Provide personal and medical benefits

Only for hire cars

NTUC Drivo Car Insurance

Features of Drivo car Insurance Plan

  • Orange Force: With this special accident response team get roadside assistance 24/7 anywhere in Singapore.
  • Motor service center: One-stop solution for accident reporting and reliable vehicle repairs.
  • Drivo Car insurance offers additional savings on your premium with good driving behavior.
  • Coverage for third-party property damages arising from accident and also coverage for towing services and unlimited windscreen cover*
  • Orange eye: In-car mobile app that serves as an all-in-one accident emergency kit in your smartphone.
  • Accident Reporting: Submit your accident report from the mobile app itself anytime and anywhere in Singapore.
  • The plan reimburses the expenses incurred for vehicle repairs arising from the accident.
  • The plan covers the personal accident benefit and medical expenses in the event of an accident.
  • 24/7 referral services for medical assistance on road in West Malaysia.



Amount with maximum limit

Damage or loss to vehicle from accidental or by fire or theft

That time market value of damage*

Towing service



Personal accident


Damage to third party


3rd Party Liability (Death)  Roadside Assistance Yes


Personal Accident (Passengers)


Medical Expenses (Driver & Passengers)


Roadside assistance


Coverage offered by Drivo* Car Insurance

Add-ons in NTUC car insurance that you can choose

NCD Protector: With No Claim Discount (NCD) 30% and above, you can add on this protector and maintain your NCD in the event that you have to make a claim.

(Note On buy of NTUC car insurance at 50% NCD for at least 2 successive years, NTUC car insurance will give you NCD Protector free on the renewal of your NTUC car insurance 3rd year.)

Excess waiver: With this, you can get the excess of $600 waived. You do pay a higher premium in lieu, on the event of any claim, you don’t have to pay a single penny. (Only applicable to the Drivo Premium and Classic plan)

$50 daily transport allowance: Pay extra and enjoy this benefit when your car is stuck at the workshop. Only valid for first 2 claims and up to 7 days each time.

Malaysia coverage extension: The NTUC car insurance policy automatically covers you when you drive to Malaysia. But in case you often drive across the border along with family. Go and opt for Malaysia coverage extension, the policy covers any other named drivers and passengers.

Want to get cheaper NTUC car insurance policy? Try this

NTUC Income motor insurance isn’t the cheapest. There are tons of new, digitally-savvy insurers trying to disrupt the status quo with cheaper premiums. Compare car insurance quotes with Drivo. Car insurance

A few ways are there that can help you to get cheaper premiums. Apart from the usual NCD and loyalty discount, NTUC also has 2 schemes, FlexiMileage and Drive Master.


Type of discount

How you can avail

Percentage of Discount

Loyalty discount*

On the buy of NTUC car insurance for more than 3 years


 NTUC FlexiMileage scheme

If You drive less than 5,000 km a year


If you drive from 5,000 to 9,000 km a year



No Claim Discount(NCD)*

10% for each year you don’t file a claim

10% to 50%

NTUC Drive Master scheme

For good driving score of 70 to 100 (based on mobile app)

 10% to 25%

NTUC FlexiMileage: You can get a discount of 20% (in case you drive less than 9,000 km a year) and 35% (if you drive less than 3,500 km a year). NTUC verifies your past year’s mileage and on that basis, you can get an upfront discount off your plan. To track your mileage for the coming year, NTUC will also install a telematics device in your car.

NTUC Drive Master: you can avail a discount of up to 25% for being a good driver. Register with NTUC and download the app that tracks your driving behavior and scores it upon 100. The higher the driving score, the higher the discount.

Note:  You can only choose either the FlexiMileage OR Drive Master scheme. Register with FlexiMileage* and get Up to 69% discount on Drivo* Motor Insurance plan when you drive less. Up

to 64% discount on NTUC Drive master

Why NTUC car insurance?

Premiums are NOT the cheapest around, many Singapore residents don’t mind paying more for security. If you are looking for maximum protection against accident-related events, NTUC is a good insurer to consider. 

NTUC’s customers don’t switch to other car insurance plan thanks to emergency service, Orange Force, their first-aid-trained accident response team.

In case of Emergency or road assistance

Call the hotline:  6789 5000 and wait 20 minutes. Orange Force Rider will calm you down, take photos, record your statement, and arrange for medical attention, and alternative transportation. What else you can ask for!

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