What should you know about MSIG Car Insurance in 2020?

MSIG Car Insurance

Everyone knows that an accident can happen to anyone, even to those that are driving safely, that is why they are looking for a car insurance that usually suits their needs, just like the MSIG Car Insurance.

One of the longest-standing insurance companies in Singapore is MSIG, which is a popular brand for a car (as well as other types) of insurance. It all comes down to their driving lifestyle and how much they are willing to spend to protect it.

MSIG car insurance is categorized into two main brands. There are basic MotorMax plans and UMax plans. Both car insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage against accidental loss or damage to your insured vehicle. However, MSIG MotorMax Plus offers greater cap limits and additional benefits.

Key features

  • Comprehensive coverage of insured vehicle against accidental loss or damage.
  • Accident repairs at authorised agent’s workshop or at a workshop of your choice.
  • Medical expenses cover for policyholder, authorised driver and/or passenger (up to legal seating capacity).

Plan highlights

Car Loan Protection

MotorMax Plus offers $100,000 worth of car loan benefits to cover any outstanding car loan if the policyholder dies in a car accident.

New for Old Replacement
If your car becomes irreparable after an accident, we will replace it with a brand new one as long as your original car is less than 12 months old.

Transport Allowance
Receive a transport allowance if your car repair takes longer than expected.

Instant Quote
Quick and personalised motor insurance fee quote which you can save and retrieve online within 30 days.

Car Insurance Plans

Car Insurance Key Features Recommended For
MotorMax Basic level of coverage, MSIG authorised workshops only Cars no longer under warranty, second hand cars, parallel imports
MotorMax Plus More extensive coverage than MotorMax (e.g. transport allowance, replacement car, loan protection), no restriction on workshops New cars under warranty, drivers who took out a car loan
UMax Similar to MotorMax but lower premiums Safe drivers
UMax Plus Similar to MotorMax Plus, but no loan protection Safe drivers, new cars under warranty bu not on loan

This is for those looking for affordable insurance for an older car and not too meticulous about coverage. It covers car repairs (in authorized workshops only), medical expenses, third-party injuries, and roadside assistance.


For a wider range, you may want to consider MotorMax Plus. In addition to the higher claims benefits, you can deliver your car to your chosen factory; and if the estimated settlement is more than 3 days, you will get a $50 transportation allowance. Another advantage of this plan is the loan protection benefit.


It is a new technique from MSIG where you get the same coverage as MotorMax, but you can reduce your excess if you are a good driver. It is monitor through a telematics device in your car and a mobile application.


Matches to MotorMax Plus and gives you the same benefit – the opportunity to reduce your excess through good driving behavior. However, there is no debt protection on this one.

Available Car Coverage Add-Ons

NCD Protector 50% of NCD holders are entitled to the same discount on their first claim each policy year.

Vehicle location service (for UMax only)The MSIG Connected Car mobile app allows policy owners to search their vehicle while traveling in West Malaysia.

Loss of Personal Effects (for UMax only)One-time loss of personal effects of up to $ 1,000 in KL, Penang, Malacca, and the rest of West Malaysia.

Car Insurance Claims

MSIG car insurance hotline is available 24/7 for emergency assistance and medical services. If you are involved in an accident, immediately notify the relevant party. Always take pictures of the incident and put down all relevant information of all parties involved, such as NRIC / FIN, phone number, email address, insurer, policy number, and vehicle details. Do not engage with unauthorized tow-truck operators. In addition, report the incident to MSIG’s approved reporting centers/authorized workshops within 24 hours.

For accident and emergency, call +65 6337 1208. For tow-truck service, call +65 6827 7660 or call MSIG Customer Service Hotline at +65 6827 7602 for general inquiries.

Car Insurance Refunds & Cancellations

You must notify MSIG writing if you wish to cancel your policy. You must then submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) or a statutory declaration within 7 days of cancellation.

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